The Grim Reapers Apprentice
43 A Little Bit of Trouble
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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43 A Little Bit of Trouble

The group walked out of the front doors with the dorm manager giving off a stern warning to those who are not back when the doors locked will not be let in. Knowing the repercussions they hurried out hoping to make the most before the study crunch starts.

Reaching the busy streets of the city and free of the open grass of the campus the excited young adults walked around slowly savoring the brightly lit streets and the aroma of all the different kinds of restaurants. Previously Ferron only walked towards the near public garden and a nearby cafe with Uriel.

This time, Alvis and his group went deeper into the city. Passing by high-rise building and fifty story office buildings, the small group of eight was delightfully chatting and laughing away all the stress from a long week. Alvis stopped in front of a small, sliding wooden door, and turned to face back towards the group. Ferron stifled a giggle before it escaped his lips, looking at Alvis standing on the steps to be head level with everyone else was strangely funny to him.

"Alright everyone, this restaurant is one of the most underrated ones in this area. Iw ill give you my 100% guarantee that this will satisfy your tongue and not give you a hard time in the bathroom." He ended it off in a smile, looking like a true salesperson.
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"Last time you said that I spent a whole day in the bathroom!" one of the boys shouted.

"Well Jay, maybe you should've thought twice before ordering it in extra spicy!" Alvis shouted back and opened the door.

Inside was a cramped space enough to fit fifteen people. On the right was a counter that connected with the kitchen so you could see the cook. The left side were tables that lined the wall, although it was small whoever owned the shop kept it clean. Stepping in Alvis greeted the only other person in the shop who Ferron assumed would be the chef. "Hey, mister! Mind if we put two tables together so we can all eat together?"

In response, the chef gave Alvis a dirty look and gruffed an 'Alright' before handing out a few menus to the small group. Putting together two tables they all sat down and opened their menus, Ferron looked and to him all the names were foreign and he could only look at the descriptions.

After a few minutes everyone decided on what they should get, Ferron got a 'Lava Bufino Strip' which was described as a large strip of meat taken from a lava bufino and seasoned well. Taken interest into what a lava bufino was Ferron ordered it.

It took a while for the rough-looking chef to take the orders of all eight people at once but once he started the whole place started smelling amazing. With Ferron heightened senses he could smell almost every vegetable and spice, while their food was being prepared, everyone started to converse and enjoy themselves.

Not too long later the food was served and they all started to eat, drinks were also ordered and after a short time, Alvis was already slurring his speech. After they were done everyone pitched in but since it was Ferrons welcome party his meal got paid for. Before the left, they put the tables back where they were. Leaving through the front door Ferron looked back and noticed the cook wasn't standing behind the counter anymore.

Exiting the restaurant the group went around the district entering into arcades and small game corners to enjoy themselves with. A few hours had passed and it was almost thirty minutes before the doors closed.

"Oh boy. I don't think we'll be able to make it at this rate." Alvis looked at his wrist and a few numbers flashed back at him. "Lucky for you guys I know a shortcut through some back alleys that can get us there before the doors close."

"You sure about that Alvis?" This city doesn't have a crime rate of zero, what if we get jumped by a gang or something?" Ava spoke up about her uncertainties but Alvis waved it off.

"Don't worry about that too much, there are eight of us who would try to do that?" Alvis laughed it off. "C'mon we go this way!" Alvis started walking down a small street heading towards a small alley.

Heather grumbled under her breath. "It's more like seven since if anyone tries to jump us all you'll do is gnaw on their ankles." Ferron let out a soft snicker before covering his mouth, Heather looked away embarrassed thinking that no one would have heard her. Following Alvis the atmosphere wasn't the same as before, it was strangely tense, like a snap of a twig would summon a wave of panic.

It only got better as they reached a populated street, it only lasted a moment because Alvis dived right back into another alley. Fortunately, Ferron recognized this street as they had once passed it before, it wasn't as tense as before as the young adults started to slowly grow accustomed to it. It took a while but chatter gradually returned, getting closer to the academy Ferron felt a sharp chill on the base of his neck.

He spread out his senses, and suddenly he saw the world around him like a 3D model. This was a skill he picked up when learning about the basics of combat from Raphael. There were three figures behind him and four ahead, it wouldn't be long before the group encounters them.

Uriel's words sounded in Ferrons mind like an echo. "Don't cause a commotion." A small smile appeared on Ferrons face.


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