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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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44 Cornered

Three people, holding a distance of 20 meters behind him. Four people standing, waiting, at the exit of the narrow alley. Ferron could deal easily with the people behind him if he slips off into the darkness but the real challenge was ahead. It wouldn't be long before they would exit, and the three behind were speeding up getting closer to box them in.

Almost like a prophet, Ferrons mind whirred, thinking of different outcomes and consequences of each action he might take. Trying to find a good result was troublesome but Ferron found it. Putting on an act he felt around his pockets and nervously exclaimed.

"Aw crap, I think I dropped my keys somewhere. I'll go look for them you guys hurry on ahead."

Alvis looked back with worry on his face. "You sure Ferron? I think we could wait if you want, there still would be some extra time if we hurry." Ferron was slightly touched by Alvis' kindness but he waved it away.

"Don't worry I know where to go from here, I'll run and catch up." Ferron ran the opposite way with a soft smile, but as soon as he turned that smile vanished and a frosty light shone in his eyes.

Alvis looked towards Ferrons retreating figure. "Will he be ok?"

"He should be fine? I mean it's not like these streets are all that bad and we're already close enough to the academy." Ava glanced back and continued walking forward. They were almost at the exit, a brightly lit street was welcoming them with open arms. But when they were two steps away, four large figures blocked it.

The group stepped back, a slight panic overwhelmed them. The figure closest to the group held up a shiny object and slowly stepped towards them.

"Well. What a nice party we have here, eh?" A soft and sadistic voice bounced across the enclosed space. Avis who was standing in the front caught a glimpse of what the other party was holding and froze. A long silver knife was dancing in the man's hand.

Alvis and the group nervously stepped back, while the figures stepped forward. When they did a streetlight slowly shined on the four thugs' faces. The one in front that stood with the knife had a gentle face with defined eyebrows and long blonde hair. Only a horrible jagged scar that traveled from the bridge of his nose to his lips made his appearance seem disgusting.

The other three looked like normal thugs, burly faces with tattoos. They looked more intimidating than the scarred pretty boy but everyone knew that he was leading for a reason. They took a step closer, it seemed like everything stood still. No sound came from the street, only the nervous breathing of the academy students resounded in the alley.
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They took one more step closer, that's when everyone took action.

"RUN!" Someone shouted. Jay picked up Alvis like a sack of potatoes and sprinted back following the group. The thugs looked on as everyone ran. "Sir?" asked one of the thugs.

"Hmmm" A grin tugged at the blond's face. "How amusing, I wonder... What will they do when they run into the others." The knife flew between his fingers but soon stopped. "Let's go"

Alvis, Jay, Ava, Kaia, Heather and the rest were running for their lives, they kept looking back as they ran. Alvis kept his eyes open, he was still being carried by Jay, so he could only look backward. "You think we lost him?" Alvis tried not to bite his tongue as being carried was very rough.

"No way! You think that they would let us escape that easily?! He must be some kind of mafia or underground boss." Jay shouted as he ran he took a small glimpse backward then continued to focus forward. "Oh Shit! There was one person in front of them, making his way quickly to them.

The group slowed down, their muscles tensed to run away as fast as possible. The person in the darkness stopped as well but slowly walked towards them, a street lamp flickered and showed its face for a split second and everyone sighed in relief.

"What's going on guys? I told you I was fine didn't I?" Ferrons face was scrunched in confusion. Heather gasped for air as she hurriedly told Ferron what had happened.

After she told him Ferrons face darkened and some fear showed as well. "We should get out of here. I found my keys and I could see the academy from the street." Everyone nodded and ran as fast as their legs could carry them. A minute or so later they exited the small alleyway and into a populated street, some odd looks were thrown their way but that was the least of their worries.

They looked around and almost lost the support in their legs when they saw a familiar gate that enclosed the campus, not daring to stall any longer they tore through the entrance and made their way into the dormitories just a few seconds before it closed. Everyone was heaving for air, they were all slumped on the couches in the lobby trying to piece together what exactly happened.

Moments passed and Alvis was the first to break the silence with some laughter. "Haha that was something I never would have expected." Ava looked back up at Alvis in disbelief, her messy hair made her look crazy. "What in the hell are you laughing at Alvis! We almost ended up dead!" Heather was sitting next to Kaia was silently stroking her hair as the latter was almost bursting into tears, she looked up at Alvis with a bit of anger in her eyes as well.

"Now, now." Alvis defended himself while also trying to calm both Ava and Heather. "It wasn't funny at first, but now since we all made it out untouched it's fine yea?" Heather rolled her eyes and stood back up. "Whatever you say." She walked towards her roommates and slowly supported Kaia who still had her head burrowed in her arms, back into their rooms.

Ferron felt a slight pang of guilt as he could've avoided this whole situation if he had told them, but it would be hard to believe him since, there was no way he could have saw people waiting for them at the end of a 500-meter alley. He shook his head and prepared his 'weak legged' acting to slowly limp towards the elevator that came back down.

Not too long ago the four thugs were still making their way through the alley, after walking for a few minutes the blondy felt a little off. He turned to look at one of the guys standing behind him. "Where are the men that were supposed to be here?" The thug also looked perplexed as well.

"I don't know sir they were told to follow the prey but it's like they were never here." Blondy turned to look both ways before a low groaning and a metallic smell made its way to him. He held up his to signal silence and followed the smell. The closer he got the more recognizable the smell was.



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