The Grim Reapers Apprentice
45 A Deeper Scheme
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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45 A Deeper Scheme

It soaked the ground and flowed like a river. Red painted the brick walls and a single lightbulb showed the horror that was left behind. There were three bodies in a pile but holes had been gouged out where their heart should have been.

A figure stood at the edge of a pool of blood, taking in what he had seen. A weak groaning voice leaked out of one of the many bodies that were drowning in blood. The standing jolted out of his trance-like state and looked frantically for the source.

Hidden beneath a body was a barely breathing body taking his final breaths.

"Milos! What happened!?" The figure stepped into the light and grabbed the dying man's hand, feeling for his weakened pulse. Milos cracked open his eyes and saw a familiar face. "Boss..." He coughed up blood in the struggle to talk. Instead of a large hole where his heart was, instead both of his legs were lost and his bones were crushed.

"Milos who did this to you? I promise you I will find them." Anger had become evident in his voice but Milos struggled when he heard that. "No, you can't boss." More blood was coughed out. "It was a demon, straight from the depths of hell. Noone could react."

"Impossible!" Milos was one of the top fighters they had and he couldn't react in time. "Take these words from an elder." Milos reached out his hand and touched the man's cheek. "Valour, you must listen to me. Don't look for the one that did this. Strengthen the clan, don't let what your father left to you go to shame. And make sure... you find that little miss..."

With those last words Milos had taken his final breath and his hand went limp. Only the scarred Valour was left alone in a dark alley, with a small lightbulb flickering. His teacher, who he knew since he was a child and passed away in front of him. How did a simple shakedown have a conclusion like this? Slow tears fell from his eyes and dropped onto Milos' face, Valour looked down and slowly opened his hand.
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He got out a small rectangular object and pressed on it. Soon a 3D holograph of a person was shown. It bowed deeply and with a raspy voice it asked. "What shall I do Master?"

"Come to my location, you have some cleaning up to do. It's friendly this time." The person in the hologram bowed down once again. "Understood, it will be done." The hologram disappeared and Valour looked down on his once healthy and powerful guardian then turned around and walked away.

Meanwhile, Ferron was sitting on his bed staring into his fist, he had killed two people and left one behind severely injured person because he didn't expect the group of seven people to run that fast. Ferron made sure that the last one was injured beyond recovery before he stepped out.

But Ferron didn't think about if they were alive or not but how he didn't feel anything. Even after, as he was running away his mind did think about his actions but only on how he could improve. Now he knew for sure, from the first time he met Lucifer compared to now, he was turning into something else.

While what he felt was not regret but some sort of enjoyment. It was strange how something so horrific didn't leave a mental scar on him, maybe this was a lifestyle that suited him or if any emotions that could hinder him had been pulled out of his brain. Regardless of what it was, to Ferron, it felt uncomfortable. He knew that he should feel something but it was just out of his reach, it made him stop and think.

A black shadow whisked across Ferrons bed and landed in his lap. The baby dragon that had an uncountable number of years of experience looked up at him. "You're annoying. Go to sleep" Those few words made Ferron pause but he smiled back.

"Yes, yes. I'm sorry." Ferron patted it on its head twice and went under the blanket.

The next morning Ferron got up early brimming with energy. He felt better than he ever had before, Ferron started his morning job to dispel some of that overflooding energy.

Coming back into the dormitories he noticed that everyone was hustling about, the majority of the doors were open and all of the students were holding large textbooks and papers discussing various kinds of topics. This was the so-called study grind students faced before the tests start, Ferron looked upon this with nostalgia. He saw this back when he was human, while he was still going to a normal university.

Sadly Ferron couldn't join them, although he could read he had no idea what kind of topic of 'Mineral Fusion' or 'Hyper reactor' was about. As Ferron walked everyone gave him a friendly nod and a smile. Alvis who saw Ferron come out of the elevator looked at him with a bit of admiration.

"Even with tests coming up he still goes out for a run." Ferron walked past him and smiled.

"It's just a small habit of mine, I still have time to study." Ferron gave an excuse and made his way back to his room.

While he was opening the door his neighbor opposite him opened the door. Ava looked across to Ferron who turned around as she did.

Ferron gave a small smile. "Is Kaia feeling a bit better now?" He asked remembering how she had buried herself into Heather after they had managed to make it back to campus.

Ava shrugged and responded. "Well after a night's sleep she looked to have recovered. But..." She looked back into her room. "I think she will remember this for a long time." As she said that she looked kind of down, as though knowing that this traumatic event might affect her future.

Ferron felt a bit of sadness in her voice and immediately felt down. "Oh. Alright, that's unfortunate. I'm sorry." Ferron apologized because he wasn't able to warn them and it had led to them getting chased. But He couldn't tell them that without risk for exposing himself as abnormal.

Ava smiled and gave a shy giggle. "What are you apologizing for Ferron, you didn't do anything?" "Right my bad. Haha" Ferron laughed it off disappeared into his room while Ava watched with a smile. When Ferons door closed her smile vanished and was replaced with a pout.

"He still doesn't look at me the way those other idiots do, so frustrating." e


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