The Grim Reapers Apprentice
46 Shopping Time.
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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46 Shopping Time.

In his office, Uriel watched though a small piece of glass as Ferron quickly but brutally dispatched three armed men in less than ten seconds. "Hmmm." He put a finger to his lips and frowned. "Does he not know how to control his strength? What did my muscle head of a brother teach him?" He continued to watch as the group of students ran out of the alley and made their way back.

"Oh... Looks like they were found." He continued to stare as a tall man with blonde hair dropped to his knees in horror. Uriel continued to stare as he held the hand of the final dying member. "Hmmm." Uriel noticed they were exchanging words and leaned in to listen.

"Oh... Oh my, what a wonderful tale. Let's just see who this little miss is. A shroud of mist covered the glass, a short while later a familiar face faded onto the surface. "Ah, this works out perfectly. Although I said there wouldn't be a final test, a bit of a challenge shouldn't be too bad."

Uriel looked out at the dark sky and leaned back on his chair, "Just what is he?" He said to the empty room.

Back in the present, Ferron was sitting at his desk making small notes in what seemed like a thin notebook, but the number of pages he flipped through said otherwise. Hours passed and dawn turned to dusk.

Putting his pen down, he noticed the still bump on his bed, feeling bored he slowly walked towards it. With a pull, the covers fell off leaving a small black lizard on the center of the bare bed. It looked up at Ferron with its lazy eyes as if asking "Why did you disturb my sleep?"

Ferron looked back at it in response. "Come, let's go for a walk, if you always sleep like this you will get fat."
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The lizard looked back up at Ferron with annoyance. "How will I get fat when you don't feed me?" Ferron was stunned for a second before he realized that what this baby lizard said was true. He never gave the lizard any food since it hatched. "Oh then let's get some then." With a simple sentence, Ferron grabbed the lizard and stuffed it in his bag, zipping it up he turned and went out the door.

Ferron walked out of the academy gates and made his way to a shopping ally. Looking around for a shop that specializes in pet food. Ferron had found wads of cash the day after going out with his buddies, only Uriel could have done that so Ferron just decided to go along with his goodwill and accept it. Ferron walked for 30 minutes without finding a pet store, wandering along aimlessly the lizard in the backpack started to become impatient.

Forcing its nose through a small gap in the zipper, it managed to get its head out of the backpack and started to look around curiously. The bright and loud city proved to be too much for such a little thing so it went back into the dark pocket.

A few more minutes after wandering around Ferron finally found it. A large pet store that was slightly full, with lots of little kids looking through the glass at cute little... creatures? What lined the showcases were different types of things that Ferron could not describe. The first thing that drew Ferrons attentions was a butterfly-like insect but it had three sets of small wings and a singular antenna and a beak that was similar to hummingbirds and much larger than any butterfly. It flew around listlessly inside of its case casually bumping into the walls. It stared back at the children. What looked like an employee slid the case off and stretched out his hand.

The Flying thing was docile and landed in the employee's hand directly. It made a few chirping sounds as it turned his head to look around. After staring for a while Ferron started to walk across the many aisles in search of some food for his pet. Each brand was different and the Ferron could not understand what was used in the ingredients, looking around Ferron just took a few bags and went to what looked like the counter.

The cashier looked oddly at the many different types of pet food that Ferron had deposited onto the counter. The cashier was very professional and didn't ask many questions. After the total was added up, Ferron paid the money and went back out with a large back in his hands. Ferron checked the sky, the sun was showing its last rays before going down. Ferron still had enough time to do some more sightseeing and maybe buy some things that catch his eye.

Ferron toured around the street looking at different shops through their front display window. Some had shoes, some were clothing, and some were for basic groceries. The wide variety made Ferron wander around, and some looked good enough that Ferron entered and buy some things.

The moon was out when Ferron went back to his room carrying multiple bags with different kinds of logos printed onto them. The few stragglers with their door open saw the amount of bags and stood in shock. Some of the brands that Ferron bought were extremely high end and would cost them an entire month's pay.

Alvis, whose door always seemed like it was open, peeked out with his mouth agape. "Ferron where did you go?!"

Ferron looked towards him with a slightly red face. "It was getting stuffy so I decided to step out a bit." He scratched the back of his neck in embarrassment. He was going out while his neighbors were forcing themselves to study.

Alvis still stared at him. 'By stepping out you mean buying from the most expensive stores in the city?' He yelled in his mind. But he was still very curious as to what Ferron had bought. "So what did you get, anything for us?" He asked the last part as a joke but to his surprise, Ferron nodded with a smile.

"Yea I got some stuff. He opened the bag and pulled out some luxurious items. For the boys, he got some nice quality wallets and some belts. Ferron didn't want to get any clothing because he didn't know their sizes so he refrained himself. When Ava got the news that Ferron was handing out some expensive items she rushed out the door and confronted him herself.

"Hey Ferron, I heard that you got some presents for everyone." Ava leaned forward and grabbed Ferrons arm making Ferron slightly flustered. He continued his smile and nodded. "I did get some nice things for you three, Ferron looked towards the Avas open door, and saw Kaia and heather leaning out the door also curious to what Ferron had for them. Ferron just handed them a bag and said, "You can choose which one you like the most."

With that Santa Ferron escaped the clutch of Ava and flew into his room. Ava looked at the bag in her hand and then looked at the door that was quickly shut. With a 'Hmmph' she turned back and went back into her room with the other two to see what this wealthy guy had given them.

Ferron meanwhile had no idea of the tremor he had caused by bringing in those things. He was just a clueless guy who thought that those things looked nice. He unzipped the bag only to find the lizard was sleeping at the bottom. Ferron sighed in resignation and picked it up, forcing it awake.

He grabbed a couple of spare bowls from the cupboards and emptied a little bit of each food into each of them and placed them all around his pet and stepped back to observe its decision. The lizard looked at the different kinds of food that surrounded it then looked back at Ferron.

It huffed in dissatisfaction and walked over to one bowl as Ferron watched on in anticipation. It dug in almost eating everything with one bite, and proceeded to do the same with the other bowls. Once done it looked over at Ferron.

"I can eat anything you know? How did you think I lived in this place?" Blinking Ferron digested what the dragon had said to him.

"Then why didn't you tell me anything about it?" Ferron felt slightly frustrated that he had wasted his time in going out to buy food.

"Well I can still eat so I think I prefer this one." The lizard grabbed the bowl with its mouth and brought it to Ferron.

Ferron just stared with defeat in his eyes.

The next day Ferron filled a bowl with a mix of all the pet food that he bought from yesterday and gave it to his pet dragon, then stepped out to perform his daily routine. Once he came back he noticed that the bowl he left was wiped clean, picking it up he just shook his head and put it in the sink.

He walked back into his room to see that the dragon had gone back to sleep under his covers.

Ferron had to get ready so he was not sparing any attention for this resurrecting dragon on his bed.

As Ferron was getting ready, Uriel was looking out of the window to a distant building that was scraping the clouds, towering over all the others. It looks like a storm is coming. Don't you think so too Aura? The little ball of light hovered in front of the window following his words.

"Well... Should we leave it up to him? This could be a good thing." After she observed a little she replied

"Oh yes, that would be a good idea. Let's get to it when the time comes." Uriel took one more look back at the towering building before shutting the blinds.


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