The Heiress Unveiled
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The Heiress Unveiled
Author :Lady_Liah
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15th day of the 8th Month, Year 83 of Cycle 99

La Celes Manor in Tirith, Gareb

We believe the world to be one large expansive universe that takes lightyears for travel. In our search for concrete answers to the questions that baffled us, we often forget that some impossible beliefs stem from valid truths. Often we refuse to believe the things in which our eyes cannot see and deny the situations in which our eyes had already seen.

We are all small ants in this earth which is only a tiny portion of this galaxy and our galaxy a little dot on the universe. This reality we live in is merely another pocket of truth amongst the multiple dimensions that exist from layers upon layers of endless worlds. Earth has the human people to walk its land and swim its oceans. Our world has the moon and the sun to make our days and the planet to provide us of our resources with our history behind us, presenting a foundation to our knowledge today.

We have amassed knowledge and pieces of information in bulk, making technologies and harnessing the power that which was provided to us through our electricity and modern conveniences. All this knowledge upon our fingertips and we haven't discovered that in the middle of the Andromeda Galaxy in the same universe we live in is a small portal that would take you to a world called Gaea; the world where people are called Gaians with a sun at daylight and two moons at night. Their world was untouched by the greed for advancement in technology, but the wars caused by Gaians marred its beautiful lands. For thousands of years, their world was divided into five grand empires and fourteen smaller kingdoms.

Our story began on the largest empire called, Gareb. The citizens of Gareb had the most proficient system for education, tackling several kinds of arts or sciences. In which many Gaians journey to Gareb in pursuit for knowledge and prestige. On the 15th day of the 8th Month, a baby girl was born to an ordinary woman named Kanna and the wealthiest merchant of all Gaea named Neal La Celes.

On the largest room of the Manor, Neal was on his knees holding his wife's hand begging, "Do not leave me. Who will take care of Ellianna?"

"You are still as handsome as the first time I met you," The woman in bed with sickly pale skin and pained eyes softly whispered. Neal had to crane his neck to listen to his wife's last words, ignoring a baby's cry that echoed into his ears. He had almost snorted at her words. Even in her deathbed, she still wanted to encourage him. She always chose to care for him rather than herself.

"I love you more than you can imagine." These words reverberated in the silence of the room and disappearing as soon as it was heard, just as her last breath became one air. The two female servants that had served Kanna for many years had tears streaming down their cheeks.

Neal vowed his love to her again and held her hands like he had when he married her three years ago, "I love you more than the distance that grows between us."

Neal could remember the first time he had met his wife. It was when he was just a silly merchant hoping to expand his father's small shop to the capital. He remembered her sweet smile and the way her hand would linger on his skin every time they would touch. Kanna was the woman behind his success. She would encourage him to take the risk and discourage him from doubting himself. He feared that without her, he would have nothing. His big business was nothing compared to his wife.

As if realizing the severe events, the baby lying beside her dying mother stopped crying for a while and then started to whimper while stretching her hands for anything to grip. The baby began to coo, and the sound reached Neal La Celes' ears, catching his attention. There is still their child. His future rests on her because he found no other reason to live than for their daughter.

Gently, he took his child and cradled her into his arms. He hummed the lullaby that Kanna had sung every night when she was pregnant. Neal stared at his daughter's red face wondering how a baby could survive the deathliest poison that took her mother's life.

He turned away from his wife's body with a heavy heart and commanded to the two servants, "We will return to the countryside after the funeral. Arrange everything that is needed."

"Yes, sire!"

Neal La Celes went to another room, bringing his only link to his wife. After feeding his child milk from a bottle, he awkwardly put her to sleep. Staring at the ceiling for many hours, Neal cried when reality has finally sunk in him. Someone had poisoned his family causing the death of his beloved wife. He was alone to take care of their daughter. His cries turned to silence as sleep takes him and his soul temporary comforted with rest.

Unknown to him, Ellianna was also poisoned and had died at the same time her mother had, but a soul from Earth had revived into Ellianna's dying conscious and merge with it. This soul was an essence vacuumed into that small portal found in the Andromeda Galaxy that brought her to this world. This event was how Katrina Kaye Astica became Ellianna La Celes, daughter of the wealthiest merchant that would later become the Queen of New Gareb.


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