The Hidden Moon
-1 prologue
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The Hidden Moon
Author :miyukii
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-1 prologue

@@We belong to a special kind of species, unlike the beasts who only live for survival. Over these centuries they know us, humans, as highly intelligent beings and hence we ruled the world. But what will happen when it changes, when we got dangerous enemies, what if we got ourselves some enemies and a never-ending bloody war for years?

Welcome to the exciting mystic world, where in addition with humans remain beasts with extraordinary powers, powerful enough to make a human cower in fear at a mere sight. Humans survived these thousands of years by sacrifice, wit, suffering, and bowing to these deadly beasts.

Meet Isabella Lasley, a not so average high schooler with wolf gene. she is a cute, innocent yet a kind girl except on a full moon she turns into a bloodthirsty werewolf with fluffy fur like a silver radiance of the moon.

but what will happen when she meets the last member of the Kawartha family who is willing to kill every werewolf and beast around him

What will happen when he takes revenge on those who made his life a living hell? Will this naïve and cute Isabella will do? Will she turn into a mature wolf and defend his king or the other way round

I introduce you to a cute, cheerful love story that faced my trials and hardships.



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