The Hidden Moon
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The Hidden Moon
Author :miyukii
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3 sent away

Today is my lucky day. I Am finally free from those two bitches. If I considered today as the happiest day of my life it won't be wrong. Even though everything comes at a cost and my cost of freedom was being away from dad and my big bro.

i dont know how those bitches just let me go ,those leeches who used me as a maid let e go is like a dream come true.i know dad has played some trick or did something to get mom to leave me.

the way i got that news was weird like a bombshell drop on an enemy place. i was sleeping when my room's door was opened with a bang making me sit up in shock.i looked around to find out who did it.

it was my sister yes the evil Alice. i was sleepy like hell.i wanted to kill her for disturbing my sleepbut the same rank problem.i wish i had a higher rank then them.ahe shook me and shouted

"get up!"

"what now?"

"mom and dad is calling you in living room now get out!"


i huffed and freshened up to go find them.alice already left the room shouting come was 5 am according to the broken clock next to my bed. anyways i changed into a faded red shirt with blue jeans which was too long making me fold them

the hallways was silent strangely because its full of shouts and screams everyday,anyways i went towards the living room.i entered the living room which mire liked like a conference room

as i entered dad gestred me to sit which i did. but the room have silence like a thick mist and i was eager to find out on ehthappened to have suddenly call i gathered my courage and asked

"why am i suddenly called at 5 am?"

"sis do you remember that i sent a college application to zx university?"

"yes what about it?"

"i sent yours admission along with mine and you got selected"

"what about yu?

"i was rejected"

"so now what happens"

"i agree to let you go "


"yes but you will manage your expenses on your own"


"then its settled get ready by noon i will take you to the capital and settle you there"

"okay dad"

after that my brother took me to the side off a very isolated room of the house and hugged me and whispered

"this is an early surprise for your birthday"

"brother what did you plot this time"

"i only sent your form not mine"


"shh keep your voice low"

"brother you are the best"

i told him and then we left to take a stroll and let out wolfs out .i shifted in my wolf her name is lily and she is quite possessive and badass we sprinted toward the forest and kept running for 30 minute then reached a lake nearby and drank water from there and shifted back with clothes.

yeah that's my power i guess ,i can shift without sedtroying my clothes and when i shift back my clothes comeback unscattered.lets pack before those mother daughter duo starts screming

lets pack those old clothes for new city ah such a disgrace .but when i opened my door i found pouches scattered in my room,curious i opened on of them to find a jean of my height .weird how did it end up here.

i turned around to see mother daughter duo smiling .i want to slap yslf to check whether it was true or not.i ended up pinching mysled and damn it hurts which means its not a dream

they were looking at me in weird way,Isabella guard up .no one know their scemes.god why did you gift me such evil mom and sister.anyways mom pointed me and said

"these are for you"


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