The Immortal Void Mage
4 Comprehension?
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The Immortal Void Mage
Author :CelestialDemon
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4 Comprehension?

The Patriarch looked at Leon then towards Jack, he then spoke "Son, why have you brought a banished member into our clan grounds again."

Jack looked indifferent to his own fathers claim towards Leon and responded: "My son, Leon Aeon, isn't cripple and is actually a knight, he found a master in the woods who taught him martial arts and he has reached Major-Knight Apprentice realm."

The elders, and especially the patriarch who did a personal viewing of Leon's talent looked in shock. Ruban who was confident that the only things these 2 could do were beg for mercy, but Jack claimed the cripple halfbreed could actually cultivate the knight's way?

The patriarch got off his seat and appeared before Wang Lin, he then sent his mana into Wang Lin's body and detected nothing. Leon knew this would happen and forced his mana past the void meridians showing his power of a major-knight apprentice. The patriarch looked at Leon and started squinting as if trying to look for something but he then stopped squinting and said "Good, but we have already discussed him being banished and isn't something that can easily be overwritten."

Ruban to the side who was sweating quickly to the chance to input his own opinion "Yes, father is right. It would be a loss of face to the clan to accept someone back, being a Knight Apprentice isn't good enough to bring him back."

Leon wanted to say something before he was stopped by his father, his father spoke: "Brother, since your opinion and strength is greater than mine and you are the one that kicked Leon out, I challenge you to a sword fight if I win you let Leon stay and you will leave him alone and if you win me and Leon will leave never to be seen again, you shouldn't be afraid right?"

Everyone in the room gave weird faces, the cripple wanted to challenge a Major-Knight Practioner. This was essentially courting death.

Ruban was shocked at this proposal but suddenly started laughing "You, the cripple young master wants to face a Knight Practioner in a sword fight... hahaha this is the funniest joke I have heard in my entire life. Okay, deal let's go to the arena outside and fight."

Everyone walked to the arena outside and sat down. Leon hadn't had a chance to confront his dad on what the plan is so he was very worried, even though his dad is amazing, they currently needed something beyond a miracle to win this.

Ruban picked up a bronze sword and swung it, he smiled and jumped onto the arena. Jack, on the other hand, picked up a wooden sword... yes a normal wooden sword. Ruban was furious "So you are a cripple fighting me and you pick a wooden sword. Are you demented or something!"

Jack simply smiled and looked towards where his son was sitting. He then spoke, "Son, watch how I fight since this is one of your few chances to see your father's real strength."

Ruban and the other elders had confused faces... cripple and strength... are two words that don't go together. The Patriarch had a distressed face, but as clan rules dictate he had to start it. The patriarch pressed a button and the countdown on the screen started.

"5...4...3...2...1... Start"

Ruban wasn't taking it seriously and walked towards Jack, "You ready to lose Brother Jack, don't worry I will kill you later but now I will torture you."

Jack didn't listen to this nonsense but just slowly closed his eyes, getting into a fighting position. Ruban and the other elders didn't notice anything since they weren't taking things seriously but Leon who was paying close attention noticed a change in the aura around his father and noticed a strange slash appear out of nowhere.

The slash pierced Ruban's stomach and suddenly Jack appeared before Ruban holding the wooden sword to his neck.

Leon who had watched this whole thing felt an aura come out of the slash created by Jack's sword and started to feel a moment of comprehension, Leon closed his eyes as he tried to understand the essence he just gained.

Unknown to Leon, in the outside world, everyone was in complete disbelief at what Jack just accomplished. It is unheard off for any cripple to beat an awakener but it happened before their very eyes.

The Patriarch called the Clan Doctor who took Ruban away, he then walked up to Jack and asked: "Son... how have you done this?"

Jack looked coldly at his father and said: "I would have taught the clan it if you didn't kick out my son."

The elders who have been taking advantage of Jack started sweating because as they have noticed thru this fight, the only person who can fight Jack was the patriarch and the clan ancestor.

The Patriarch wanted to slap himself for his foolish decisions but he knew, what is done is done. The patriarch then looked over at Leon and saw him sitting in a straight position with his eyes closed and The patriarch's eyes opened in shock as he whispered "Comprehension?"

Jack already noticed his son and chuckled "Of course I knew he would learn it, but I didn't expect him to learn it this fast, haha."

Leon actually sat there for 6 hours straight before opening his eyes to an empty arena and a sky on the verge of sunset.


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