The Priestess of Rodona
107 Chapter 107
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The Priestess of Rodona
Author :The_Cheshire_Cat
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107 Chapter 107

"What is happening?" Levin gasped out when he saw that her daughter was floating and that there was a comfortable aura coming out from her.

The dark elves who were firstly against her suddenly kneeled down and started to show respect to her for saving their clansman.

Levin and Jaana didn't have time to ask from Mala what the other elves were muttering out as now they were more focused on their daughter, who was changing in front of their eyes.

Firstly she was a baby, and her gender couldn't be distinguished before she looked like ten years old at human life.

There were many changes at her body as the hair, nails, body parts basically everything was either shrinking down, growing up, or changing their color and length.

The aura was getting thicker, and more was pouring out from her every time when something changed at her body.

When the aura touched something, it started to restore the things how they did look at some point.

Even Levin started to look younger as his body's weariness started to disappear, and the artificial joints looked like they were just made.

^At outside^

"Timothy, we seem to be close to the person the church wanted," Mark said while watching the stone vibrating more and more at Timothy's hands.

Suddenly a voice interrupted them.

"Yes, and we would like to thank you for the help as you two made our job easier." A bald man said while suddenly appearing behind Timothy and Mark.

"You are the one priest from the city.

So does this mean we would get our reward now?" Timothy carefully asked out as he was sure that this was the same priest that had sold the stone for him.

"Yes, we will give you two of your reward." The priest said while he clicked his fingers together, and suddenly, two additional people appeared behind Timothy and Mark.

They didn't even have time to react before their heads were rolling on the ground, and their lifeless bodies fell down.

The priest took gloves out from his spatial pocket and carefully took the stone from Timothy's body before wiping it clean from the blood, and everything else after he was done, he burned the gloves while saying.

"Contact the others that we have found the target." To one of the guys that were now behind him and the person just saluted before taking a communication device out.

"You, on the other hand, take care of these filthy bodies as they did their part, and we don't need them anymore, and I don't want my air to be tainted by their filth." The priest said while spitting at the bodies before taking another handkerchief out to wipe his mouth and hands once again.

The second person just silently agreed and started to dispose of the bodies.

"I knew my plan was brilliant and would work out.

But when I suggested using the adventures as they travel and cover more land than we would, you two said no, it won't work out and didn't agree with my plan.

But I kept my belief that it would work out, and here we are.

Immediately when their stone started to vibrate, it sent the information straight to me that I could locate them, so who was right once again?" The priest said while he had already changed his clothes for the most luxurious ones that someone could get as the last ones had gotten dirty already.

He was sipping the most expensive wine you could get inside a see-through tent, and when he didn't hear any replies, he angrily said.

"As I said, who was right once again?" And suddenly, both of his bodyguards answered.

"Yes, boss, you were right once again, and we were wrong and so stupid for not believing and agreeing with your plan.

So can your forgive to both of us for being idiots and utterly ignorant of your brilliant mind." Even when the adventures were their idea, and they had suggested it to the priests who had shot it down immediately.

But then they were suddenly transferred under the same priest who was now rewarded for bringing their idea to the higher-ups and he had asked specifically for them to be his bodyguards. Still, they both knew that he was watching at them as even when they would say that it was their idea no one would believe them.

But if one of them would say it, the priest would immediately know, and that would be the end of them, so for now, they could only agree with everything that the priest was saying.

"That is more like it.

When will the rest of the people be here?" The priest said while waiting for the answer.

"Approximately ten minutes when the elite force would be here to take care of the things." The first one said while fearing for the priests next word's.

"Good, so you know what to do next as I'm quite a pent up lately, and I would love to have some service now." The old priest said while evilly smiling at the first bodyguard who could only agree to his destiny.

^At the church^

The images at Elvire's head were slowly getting blurrier and fading away from her mind, and her brain was getting more and more active by every second that was passing by.

Her body had stopped from changing up, and now she looked like she would be in her twenties in human age, and her body was slowly getting down to the ground once again.

The same memories repeated themselves one more time before she saw only emptiness.

It was pitch black, and there was nothing to be seen anymore; she tried to shout out, but no voice was coming out from her mouth.

It was completely dark and soundless scenario, and she was the only one that was there.

Even when she walked forwards, it seemed like she wouldn't have moved at all from the starting position.

Slowly she once more gave up and just sat down to the middle of the darkness.


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