The Supreme King
-4 Summary of Volumes
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The Supreme King
Author :LichOSupremoDeus
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-4 Summary of Volumes


===[Volume 1 - World of Highschool Of The Dead (H.O.T.D)]===

In this Volume, our MC (Ryan Aaron) has his missions to leave the main characters alive, until they reach their destination! Just for information, this is a Volume for the development of the characters and their future subordinates and lovers! Just as it is a world for him to accumulate points, and buy items, bloodlines and etc!


===[Volume 2 – Conquest of Jango Island]===

Jango Island, is the initial island where our MC (Ryan Aaron) was sent after becoming a Champion, by a mysterious Goddess! And as the name of the volume says, it will be conquests and fights, for control of Jango Island! And the beginning of Ryan begins to develop his own kingdom as the Supreme King!


===[Volume 3 - World of Atack on Titan!]===

I still have no idea what to do, I'll see when to create and update this part.


===[Volume 4 – Development and Conquest!]===

In this volume, which has not yet been created, I think of making the MC (Ryan Aaron), start to grow the Kingdom Level as well as its technology, and start attacking other islands and conquering them! And after that, possibly a powerful enemy had appeared, and it will be when he entered the Third World!


===[Volume 5 - World of Akame ga Kill!]===

Well, it's the world of Akame ga Kill, and what MC (Ryan Aaron) will do there, I have no idea ... (Esdeath)

===[End]=== @@


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