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The Supreme King
Author :LichOSupremoDeus
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[Hello Master! Welcome to the Central World! Here is where you will create your Kingdom, and it will be your Main World!]

[Currently the master is on an island of medium size, called Jango Island!]

[Jango Island was named after the strongest Island Tribe, the Jango Tribe!]

[This island is just one of the hundreds of thousands of islands belonging to the Central World!]

[No one but the Master and the Inhabitants of this Island, know about this island! Even though it is quite large, it is because of the technology of navigation and exploration of the seas of this world, it is not very advanced, at least not enough to navigate the long and endless seas of this world!]

[Because the Master is very weak, only at the Common Level, it is advisable for the Master to call the Asura of his unique ability acquired from the System, as well as enter into one of the Copied Worlds available for the Master to enter and develop!]

[Know master, the System has several options, being them, Store and Missions!]

[The Store is divided into 1. Slaves, 2. Subordinates, 3. Skills, 4. Equipment, 5. Consumables and 6. Copied Worlds!]

[Learn Master, Slaves and Minions are options created because of your Profession! And do not think it's something very rare, anyone with a Lord's Profession or above, will have this option unlocked!]


Ryan: "... I'm still fucked up! What is going on?! You are explaining about this System and what I have, but it does not explain what happened to me! And how I came to stop here! "

[Master, you died in your past life, and because your soul has attracted the attention of a Goddess, she has made you a Champion who will bring pride to the name of the Goddess! And your goal is to try to reach the peak that a Mortal can attain, and become a God! So you can find the answers of what the master wants to know!]

Hearing this, Ryan with his eyes closed, began to feather and then with a sigh he said.

Ryan: "Even your explanation is not one of the best, I have understood in parts what is happening, and since you have explained most of its features, there is no reason why I should ask irrelevant things! Now how do I use my ability? "

[It's simple, the master just needs to say "Summon Asura," the skill name, and then he or she will be called!]

Ryan: "I see, then ... Summon Asura!"

At the end of his voice, suddenly a blood-red slit appeared in front of him, and as he looked, he felt a devilish, bloody aura coming from that crack.

Soon a pair of small, delicate hands came out of the crack, and soon a body leapt out of the crack!

A beautiful, tall, slim woman with a beautiful body and sexy curves had come out of the crack.

Purple hair, small, sharp eyes, pink lips, and her skin was very clear.

(Illustration: https://br.pinterest.com/pin/542472717614409378/)

(I did not do it, I just picked it up and found it to be appropriate)

She looked around, but then looked at Ryan, knelt and said.

Asura Female: "My compliments to the master!"

Ryan nodded and then asked.

Ryan: "I see you're not surprised? Did you expect that? "

Asura Female: "Yes! In the stories of my Family, legend has it that one day, one of the most talented Asuras, will be summoned to serve a mighty Warrior or Ruler, who will shake the world! And it looks like I was the lucky one! Thank you for choosing me master! "

Ryan: "I see, but then, do you have a name?"

Asura Female: "Master, whoever decides my name is you, we Asuras lose our names as soon as we choose to follow a master, and as I am following you, please choose a name for me! Of course, if you do not want to, you can leave me without a name, I'm not forcing the master! "

Ryan looked at the beautiful Asura in front of him, and began to think of a name, and then said.

Ryan: "Well, let me turn in your information to decide a name for you!"

As he said this, Ryan looked at Asura's information in front of him.

=== [Status] ===

Name: None

Level: Common (+ 10%)

Occupation: Guerreira

Lineage: Asura

=== [Skills 5/5] ===

Feel Warrior Energy (All Attributes) NV1 / 5

Asura (Race) Blade: Changes the appearance of any Blade to the shape of the Asura Blade, which will take 50% of the Blade's original attributes!

Asura (Breed) Lineage: You'll set + 10% of your master's strength!

Fury Asura (Race) <2>: As a Warrior race, the Asuras are extremely powerful and barbaric, often losing their feeling, thus giving birth to this ability! Depending on the Level of Fury, the Force can increase your current power by 2 to 10 times!


(S), Martial Arts (S), Adaptability (S), Sex (A +), Fast Learning (A +)

=== [Description] ===

An Asura, considered one of the 10 most Talented Asuras of its World! And recognized as the most beautiful! She hates perverted people, especially those who are weaker than she! So unless you have the strength to subdue it, do not you dare do anything wrong with it, even though you are considered your Slave! We do not want your loyalty to fall!

=== [End] ===

Seeing this, Ryan nodded with satisfaction, and then said.

Ryan: "Your name from now on is Riven! And you will become the most powerful Sword Warrior of this world! I can promise you that! "

Listening to Ryan, Asura seemed to like his name, Riven, and seeing that she liked it, Ryan smiled happily.

Ryan: "Well, now is not the time to think about these things, now I want to know where we are!"

As he looked around, Ryan saw that he was in a clearing, and around it was a great density of trees, making it difficult to see farther.

[Master, it is advisable that you join with Riven in the Copied World to acquire some rewards and a little strength to begin to tread your paths in this world correctly! We do not want the Master to die early in his journey, right?]

Hearing this, Ryan nodded and then asked what the copied world was.

[From my data, it's the world of Highschool Of The Dead or H.O.T.D!]

[This world was infested by a mysterious virus, and its mission is simple, to survive!]

[Do you want to enter this world?]

[Yes? Not?]

Ryan: "Yes!"

[Transferring Master and Riven to the world of H.O.T.D!]


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