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The Supreme King
Author :LichOSupremoDeus
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2 002

Ryan and Riven suddenly popped up in a high place!

The two looked a little confused around, and soon information entered their minds, like the Japanese language and their identities!

Ryan Aaron, comes from Europe to study in Japan, and for certain reasons, his parents are in other countries to work.

Riven as an Asura, she did not look like an ordinary human, for she had two horns on her forehead, but the System did something, thus hiding her appearance, and she is only an extremely beautiful young woman!

And Riven has the identity of a personal maid!


Suddenly the two are awakened from their stupor by a loud cry, and looking down from the roof of the school they were, they saw at the gate, 4 people, teachers and janitors, looking worried and anxious for a man who had the bleeding arm and screaming on the floor.

Seeing this, Ryan's eyes narrowed and he glanced one way, which was a set of stairs, and there he saw a young man, and he knew he was the protagonist of the play.

Ryan: "Riven, let's go to the observatory, wait until the story really begins, we do not want to change some things!"

Riven: "Master ... I do not think you already know it's the first time, but if you change parts of the story, you'll get more points! So it's always good to be very active! "

Ryan: "I understand that fact Riven, but I know too, if I interfere, Igou Hisashi will survive, and I do not want this, he's someone who has the character of a good leader, I do not want my position to be endangered! I am a King, I can not let others command me! So for my rapid progress on this mission! Igou Hisashi must die! "

Listening to Ryan, Riven was surprised, and then she asked him what this world was about, and what the story was.

Ryan: "Let's talk while we walk, there must be some observatory stuff we can use as weapons! Well, this story is from a zombie apocalypse, where the dead have come back to life and are devouring the living, turning them into zombies too! And the story revolves around a group of students and a nurse! Komuro Takashi is the leader of this group of students, and he is with Igou Hisashi, they will soon reach the roof, and Igou will be wounded and infected, so we will kill him, we do not want to die! And let me see what our mission is! "


[Master, your missions are as follows!]

[1. Keep Komuro Takashi, Miyamoto Rei, Busujima Saeko, Takagi Saya, Hirano Kouta and Marikawa Shizuka, Maresato Alice and Zeke (Dog), until they come and understand the situation of the Third Shintoko Elementary School!]

[Reward: 10,000 Points!]

[2. Accumulation of Deaths! You can kill zombies and receive rewards according to the number of deaths!]

[Rewards: 10 = 100 Points, 100 = 1,000 Points, 500 = 5000 Points! When you reach 10,000 Thousands, you will unlock the Achievements option, which gives bonus effects, and you will receive the "Annihilator of the Dead!" Conquest!]

[3. Keep alive extras! The greater the importance of a certain person, the greater the reward!]

[Note: Costumes have ranks from F to S, and the higher the Costumer Rank, the greater the reward for keeping it alive!]

[4. Bring at least 1 H.O.T.D Character to serve you!]

[Reward: It will depend on the Completion Rank of the Mission!]

[Know Master, the missions are all part of the Main Mission, and will all be added together to receive a Classification from F to S, which, as long as it reaches a B + rate and above, may receive rewards multipliers!]


Hearing these messages, Ryan asked.

Ryan: "System, if I save Igou Hisashi, will I receive a prize of which rank?"

[Igou Hisashi ... is a character with innate talent to be a leader, Rank A +! A good change for your Kingdom if you can bring it!]

Hearing this, Ryan was tempted to keep Igou alive, but suddenly thought of Takashi and Rei, if Igou stay alive, there will clearly be problems in their relationship.

Ryan: Look, Takashi, I'll give up this Rank A + reward, so do not let me down!

Ryan said in his mind and then let out a sigh.

Suddenly, the school's loudspeakers began to make noise, and a voice rang through every school.

[Attention to all students and teachers! Attention all students and teachers!]

[At the moment, there is a violent conflict occurring in the surroundings.]

[All students please stay with your teachers and follow the instructions they give you !!]

... (seconds later)

[Repeating. At the moment, there is a violent conflict occurring in the surroundings ... Gaaahhhh !!! Help! Stop this! Help ... agh !!!]

... (Deadly Silence)

Dead silence fell throughout the school, but soon the panic spread, and screams everywhere began to be heard.

Ryan looked down, and realized that Zombies started popping up on the blocks, and people who were taking physical education classes began to fight and be devoured!

And not long after, Riven got to Ryan and said.

Riven: "Master, these undead began to appear on the roof, should we kill them?"

Ryan glanced at Riven and took a look, and saw several zombies wandering the roof, and then said.

Ryan: "Kill those who approach, I'll be here resting for the beginning of the real nightmare!"

Hearing Ryan's command, Riven nodded and with a club in his hands, she blew out the head of any approaching Zombie!

It was not long before a group of three students came to the roof, two men and one woman, and one of the men was wounded in his arm.

Riven: "Master, there are 3 young people here! Shall I help you? "

Ryan looked, and then nodded, and Riven ran toward them, and killed dozens of Zombies, reached Komuro Takashi and his group and said.

Riven: "Follow me!"

As she said this, she turned and headed toward the observatory, and looking at it, the three of them looked at each other, then nodded in unison, and followed behind Riven.

Soon they reached the observatory, found Ryan sitting there with an indifferent expression on his face, and then began to barricade the entrance.

Komuro Takashi: "Hello, thank you for helping us, I am Komuro Takashi, you can call me Takashi, and I dispense formalities!"

Igou Hisashi: "Hello, I am Igou Hisashi and this is my girlfriend Miyamoto Rei, you can call me Hisashi if you want... Vomits blood *"

King: "Hisashi!!!"

Suddenly Hisashi vomited blood on the ground and knelt, and Rei screeched worriedly and went to Hisashi, and helped him to sit down.

Ryan: "Hisashi, I'm Ryan Aaron, and this is Riven, and if you do not feel bad, I mean this! You will not survive! You were infected by these things, you would have died in a few minutes! So choose whether you want to end your suffering or will you want to become one of those things? "

Rei: "No! Hisashi will be fine! It will not become one of those things! Right Hisashi? Right?"

Hearing Rei scream in despair, Hisashi smiled gently and touched his hair, and vomiting another mouthful of blood, he said looking at Ryan.

Hisashi: "Please ..."

Listening to Hisashi, Ryan smiled and said.

Ryan: "You are a real man, Hisashi! Riven, please ... "

In saying the last part, Riven attacked, and Hisashi had already turned into Zombie and was getting up!

King: "Hisashi !!!"

Rei cried out with tears in her eyes as Takashi held her in his arms with an expression of sadness!

Seeing this, Ryan looked indifferent, and soon heard the sound of propellers in the sky, and soon half a dozen Black Hawks (Black Hawks) went over them!

(Note: Black Hawk is a military helicopter!)

They then looked at the city, and saw the various lines of black smoke that was rising to the heavens!

The world would never be the same from now on!


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