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The Supreme King
Author :LichOSupremoDeus
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3 003

Ryan: "Let me introduce you again! I'm Ryan Aaron and this is my personal maid, just like Coast Guard, Riven! "

Ryan said as he reached for Takashi, wanting a handshake.

Takashi reached out and squeezed his, and the two exchanged greetings and then looking at Rei with red eyes, Ryan sighed and said.

Ryan: "I know what you must be going through, I've already lost precious people to me ... but it's no time for sadness! If we stay up here, we can not do much besides pray for the ransom to appear, but you know, I'm sure a ransom will not come! Did you see those Black Hawks? They are military helicopters, and do not think they are here to rescue civilians, possibly they will rescue important people like politicians, businessmen and etc, of course, they may also be going to clean areas, we do not know! "

Rei looked a little angry at Ryan, because of his indifference, but did not say anything, and Takashi looking at Ryan, asked.

Takashi: "Ryan-san, what do you mean by all this?"

Ryan: "You do not need the 'San' or any formality on my behalf, only Ryan is fine, and it's the same for Riven! And about my previous words, we have to get out of here! Otherwise, they can soak up both the ceiling, that there will be no escaping! And if possible, we should put together a group of strong young men to survive this hell! "

Listening to Ryan, Takashi looked at the roof where he was, and seeing that more and more Zombies came, he looked with strong determination to Ryan and said.

Takashi: "Ok, let's follow your Ryan plan!"

Listening to Takashi, Ryan nodded and then looked at Hisashi's corpse, dragged him into a corner, and then took off his coat and placed it over his face, and then looking at King and Takashi, he said.

Ryan: "Takashi, get the fire hose, let's push those bastards away! King, please look on the head with your spear, and the same for you Riven! Let's start!"

As he said this, Ryan threw the fire hose to Takashi, who took it and then looked at the barricade, which was being hit by the zombies, and then he opened the hose and a strong stream of water escaped!

The barricade was easily pushed, causing several zombies to be thrown back, falling heavily to the ground, breaking a few bones, and even having a few who broke their necks and did not get up.

Ryan: "Come on! Run!"

Ryan shouted, and the four of them started down the stairs in a hurry, and Riven, with a cold glare, hit her with the club, blowing the heads of several Zombies into several pieces!

Seeing this, Ryan looked at Takashi and Rei, who were going up that well, only that King was aiming at the heart and other parts of the body, failing to hit his head properly!

But this could be fixed with time.

Ryan: Sigh *, well, I think it's time I got into the fun too!

Ryan said in his mind, and then he squeezed the baton in his hand, and also started to blow the Zombies head!

Ryan: Lucky I did those fight classes, just like I attended a gym, otherwise that would suck! But I wonder, because my body is much stronger than in the past, and I also feel my different height and several other different things! Has a new body been given to me?

Shooting *

As Ryan thought, they suddenly heard a repeated shot, and hearing that, Ryan knew who it was!

Ryan: "Let's go in the direction of those shots! There must be someone with some weapon! It will be better for us to protect ourselves! "

Listening to Ryan, everyone nodded and then they came down the stairs to the lower floors, and there were a few zombies on the way, Ryan knocked him closer, knocking him down with the others behind him, and then seized and hit their heads and they went down!

Ryan: "Did you hear that? The shots again, and seem to be heading towards the teachers room! Let's go there!"

The three nodded, and then passed by dozens of zombies, and killed as much as they could.

Riven was an Asura, and because of her strength being greater than an ordinary human, just as she has more endurance, since she is part of a warrior race, endurance and stamina is what she does not miss!

Even after killing nearly 100 zombies, she was not even sweating, she could see her perfect control of her techniques, to spend less energy during combat.

Ryan: I'll ask her to teach me this later, she's very helpful! And if I have an army with such a technique, I will clearly have a powerful kingdom in the future!

Ryan thought as he exploded the head of another Zombie!


Celebrant: "A nightmare ... this must be a nightmare, yes! It's a nightmare! So I just need to wake up ... "

A professor murmured as he walked toward an open window, he looked down laughing discouragedly, and then climbed up the window.

Seeing this, King standing nearby, wanted to call him and stop him from jumping, but Ryan stopped her speaking.

Ryan: "Let him kill himself! He has already lost hope, and not to mention that there is no way to save him, look at his leg! "

King looked, and saw that the professor's leg was bleeding, probably a wound, and soon he jumped!

Seeing this, Rei uttered a startled cry and clung to Takashi.

Ryan: "In this world, sometimes death is a means of deliverance, and that's what he chose, to be free! But talking about it will not help! Let's go to the teachers' room! "

Takashi nodded and started to follow Ryan, as well as Rei and Riven.


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