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The Supreme King
Author :LichOSupremoDeus
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4 004

Soon Ryan and his group approached the teachers' room, and there, they found two groups!

Takagi Saya and Hirano Kouta in one, and in another were Busujima Saeko and Marikawa Shizuka.

When the three groups met, without hesitation, they nodded to each other and entered the teachers' room!

They locked the door, and seeing that there were no zombies inside, they let out sighs of relief.

Rei: "Shizuka-sensei! You're covered in blood, are you okay? Was it bitten? "

Suddenly Rei looked at Shizuka, who was a beautiful blonde, with a huge pair of melons instead of her breasts!

Shizuka: "Ara Rei-chan, do not worry, I'm fine, the blood is not mine!"

Hearing this, Rei let out a sigh of relief, and then Ryan said.

Ryan: "How about we all introduce ourselves? I'm Ryan Aaron, new student, I arrived this week, I come from Europe! And this is Riven, my personal maid and coast guard! "

When Ryan introduced himself, the rest of the group started performing as well.

And soon Ryan remembered everyone's name again, and since they arrived, his eyes did not leave Saeko.

Saeko caught Ryan's gaze, and she had a cold expression on his face.

Ryan can only smile bitterly and then he says.

Ryan: "Turn the TV on, there must be some news about this shit!"

Listening to Ryan, everyone agreed and they soon hooked up the TV on a news channel, and there was showing chaos all over town and maybe world!

Some reporters who were recording live from the streets, were suddenly attacked and devoured alive! And seeing this, all the women, except Saeko and Riven, felt sick.

Ryan: "This is a great war zone! We have to do something! How about we set up a group? We can help each other, find everyone's family and survive somewhere until the government evacuates us! "

At Ryan's suggestion, some were surprised but agreed.

Rei: "My father is a detective, so he must be at the police station, if we can get there, we'll get protection from the police! While my mother, she is at home, but I will call them to be sure! Takashi, give me your cell phone! "

Takashi nodded and handed the phone to Rei.

Takashi: "My mother is a teacher at Shintoko Elementary School, she must be there!"

Hirano Kouta: "My parents are not in the country, they are in other countries on business, so it's okay to follow you!"

Busujima Saeko: "My father is a martial artist, and he's in a tournament in another city, so there's nothing to do, I'll follow you!"

Takagi Saya: "My parents are on the other side of the river, and knowing them, they must have created a small base, if we can get there, maybe we can find the mother and parents of Takashi and Rei!"

Marikawa Shizuka had nothing to add, while Ryan just said that his parents were in another country on business while Riven, his parents are in another world!

Everyone understood that Riven's parents were dead, but it was literally another world! The Asura world! So Ryan was not lying, just covering up a few details.

Marikawa Shizuka: "Well ... what do we do now? We could go in my car! "

Suddenly Shizuka said, but Saeko asked.

Saeko: "Would everyone fit?"

Hearing this, Shizuka looked sad and disagreed.

Ryan looked out the window and then said.

Ryan: "We can use those mini-buses there, used for excursions, it's spacious and if we get stuck, we can break the windows and escape with ease!"

Listening to Ryan, everyone looked where he pointed, and they saw the minibuses, and then Ryan asked.

Ryan: "Sensei, where are the keys? Do you know?"

Shizuka said, "A second!" And then rummaged through a drawer and then took out a set of keys, which were from the mini-bus.

Ryan: "Well, we have everything prepared, we just have to get there! So let's go?"

Saya: "Wait! Why is it only you who are giving orders? Who said you were the leader? "

When Saya said, it caused a strange atmosphere among everyone, and smiling Ryan said.

Ryan: "I'm just giving you suggestions, and you're agreeing! I never said I was the leader or anything, I'm just giving good suggestions of what we can do, so why the chilique? "

Listening to Ryan. Saya was annoyed, and quickly Hirano Kouta came to calm her, just to get a kick in the ass.

Ryan smiled and gave a thumb to Kouta, who felt like crying.

Hirano Kouta: Damn! I tried to help him and I who gave me wrong, do not do it anymore!


Soon the group of 8 people left the teachers 'room kicking the door, and Kouta with his nail-modified pressure weapon started firing nails, pinning the zombies' forehead accurately, killing them one by one!

Seeing this, Ryan's eyes flashed and he said it in his mind.

Ryan: Kouta, I'm sure to bring a talent like you to the Central World, you will be of great help to my Kingdom in the future!

It was not just Kouta who was showing off his abilities, Saeko was crushing accurately, zombie heads, with his wooden sword, that Ryan does not understand how it has not yet been broken!

Rei had her impromptu spear, punching the zombie's head, for now with her calmer mind, she got better accuracy.

Soon it was not long before nearly 100 zombies died for the group, and they soon reached the stairs to the lower floors.

(Note 1: You must be confused because the group killed less than 100 zombies, while Riven alone killed 100 previously!) So you have to know the following, Riven had complete freedom before the group of 8 joined, so she was very active, and killed so many zombies, on the other hand, the group could not have such a freedom to cleanse the zombies, they had to be quick to get to the parking lot, and they could not waste time focusing on killing the zombies, they only killed those who so the amount of less than 100!)

(Note 2: You must also be confused by Riven's strength, because of her having killed so many zombies (100), alone, and not getting tired, and this is due to 2 facts!) Riven is not human, she is a trained person in many diversities and situations, and not to mention that she has a bloodline while Ryan does not have it! And if you think her strength has been reduced to the same level as Ryan's, only having + 10%, they are wrong, since she is limited to the same level, not the same ability! So her strength may very well be 2, 3 and up to 4 times that of an ordinary human on the Common Level, since she is not limited to her ability to race, so she is so strong, while at + 10% Ryan, it can be almost expendable!)

There, they found a group of 5 students, surrounded by zombies, while they were on the stairs.

When the group saw this, they quickly went and helped, saving those 5 people!

Ryan: "Hey, any of you got bitten?"

Ryan asked coldly to the 5 people, who quickly nodded, saying no.

Seeing this, Ryan relaxed to the group, but asked Riven to keep an eye on them, in case they show a strange reaction.

Soon they reached the entrance, which led to the parking lot where the minibuses were.

But there was a problem, there were lots of zombies, and if they called attention, clearly in a matter of seconds, they would be surrounded and killed!

Saya: "I have been watching them, and I have noticed that they are blind, or if they see, it is very little, and they are attracted by the sound, so if we do not make any sound, we will get through them ..."

Listening to Saya, everyone looked at each other in doubt, Takashi looked at Saya and asked.

Takashi: "Is this true? What if something happens? You're not even sure! "

Saya: "Takashi, I've been watching them for a while, and I'm 70% sure that they just listen, and are drawn to the sound!"

Takashi: "But that is not certain, and if someone dies? You will be responsible! And who would be the crazy one to go? "

Listening to Takashi, everyone looked at each other hesitantly, and sighing Ryan said.

Ryan: "I will, no need to worry, Kouta, can you give me coverage? If one of these ... those are firecrackers? "

Suddenly a bloody backpack caught his attention, and there were a few small objects coming out, and seeing this, he was almost sure they were firecrackers.

Everyone looked, and saw that was indeed the case.

Ryan: "I know! I'll light those little bombs and get their attention away! If what Saya says is true, and they will run to the noise! ​​"

Saya: "Hey! When did I allow you to be so formal to me? Put a San in the end! "

Saya said angrily, and Ryan just smiled and said nothing, and then picked up the little bombs and asked.

Ryan: "Does anyone have a skeleton?"

In his question, Kouta raised his hand and handed him a scrap of paper.

Ryan looked at Kouta and asked.

Ryan: "Why the hell do you have a scythe? You smoke?"

In their question, everyone looked at Kouta, who hastily said.

Kouta: "Hey, not me! I got it while creating the nail gun here! I thought it would be helpful ... "

Hearing that, Ryan laughed and then said to follow him, it was time to put the plan into use!


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