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The Supreme King
Author :LichOSupremoDeus
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Overflow * Overflow * Overflow *

Bursting sounds followed from one another sounded, and all the zombies nearby, ran to the source of the sound, and seeing this, they knew it was time!

The group of 13 started running towards the mini-bus, and some stragglers on the way, had the unfortunate fate of meeting with the bats, "spears" and wooden sword of the group!

Soon, they killed their way to the mini bus, and Shizuka quickly sat at the wheel and started to turn on the mini bus.

Ryan, Riven and Saeko, stayed out of the mini-bus, killing the oncoming zombies, and soon what Ryan hoped for happened! A group of 9 young and 1 adult started running in their directions!

???: "Please! Wait! "

Shouted one of the young men, and seeing this, King who looked at the adult, was furious and said.

Rei: "Sensei! Call fast and let's go! Saeko-Senpai, Ryan and Riven, come in soon! Let's not let that bastard in! "

Hearing this, everyone was surprised, and when Saeko asked why, they saw that one of the young men had fallen and seemed to have twisted his ankle, and he grabbed the adult's clothing and asked for help, but what he received was a kick in the face and an expression of disdain!

Seeing this, the whole group's expression darkened, and they knew this person was not a good person!

But there were still 8 young men with him, they could not abandon them.

Seeing this, Rei was furious that no one listened and hit her foot, and Takashi tried to calm her down, but to no avail.

Soon, the group of 9 people boarded the mini bus, and Shizuka pressed the accelerator, and soon the mini-bus exploded down the road, leaving the school quickly!


Shidou: "Thank you Shizuka-sensei and the students for waiting for us, thank you very much!"

Said the teacher who coldly left his student to die, and worse, he had a smiling expression on his face.

Seeing this, Riven said coolly.

Riven: "For junk that kills kids, do not you think you're being very happy, are not you?"

When Shidou heard Riven, his expression froze, as did all the others.

And hearing this, Rei smiled and said.

King: "Yes! He's crap, which is not even worth our time, let him talk to himself! And let's choose what to do now, folks! "

Seeing that everyone began to ignore him, Shidou was furious, and the students who were with Shidou, began to create problems.

Soon Takashi got into a fight with a young blond, and before they could continue, Rei emerged and gave a strong kick in his stomach, making him fall to the ground!

Shidou: "But what a barbarous act King! You can not go on violence because of a misunderstanding! If you control a little! That is lack of a personal leader! We need a leader to keep everyone together and in harmony, otherwise how long do you think it will take before we start killing ourselves? So as a more mentally good teacher here, I think I would be perfect for that role! "

When they heard Shidou, Ryan, Rei, Takashi and the rest, they frowned, while the students who were with Shidou applauded cheerfully, and even the 5 people Ryan and his group saved were on Shidou's side.

Seeing this, Ryan frowned and he said it in his mind with a smile.

Ryan: This bastard is smarter than I expected, that will be a problem, but I have no interest in this group of fools anyway, let's wait until we get there and then start our adventure!

By saying this in his mind, Shidou began to vote from clapping.

And then, 13 students applauded, agreeing with Shidou to be the leader of the group.

And seeing this, Rei became irritated, came to Shizuka and said.

Rei: "Sensei! Please! Stop the bus! I want to go down! "

Listening to Rei, Takashi was shocked and he went to her wanting to soften her, and try to understand why she was so angry.

King: "You idiot! You do not understand anything! I will not be in the same place as this garbage! So do not try to convince me to stay! "

As he said this, Rei opened the door to the bus (Actually it was Shizuka who opened it, but whatever), and then got off the bus!

Takashi followed behind her wanting to understand what was happening, when suddenly!

A bus ran at high speed toward him, and quickly, Takashi jumped along with King forward, diverting from the bus, which as soon as it passed, allowed everyone to see a horrible scene of pandemonium inside!

This caused shivers for everyone, and soon the bus crashed and exploded, creating a wall of fire between Rei and Takashi, with the whole group!

Seeing this, Ryan knew it was time and he said!

Ryan: "Takashi, Rei! Let's meet at the police station at 5 today or tomorrow! See you there! And be careful! "

Takashi: "Okay! Be careful too! See you later!"

With that, Takashi and Rei began to run from the flaming zombies!


Ryan looked coldly at Shidou, and then looked at Saeko, Saya, Kouta and Shizuka, who nodded, and then he said.

Ryan: "Let's get to the bridge so we can pass, since the police station is on the other side! Maybe we'll find both of them there! "

Listening to Ryan, the four nodded, and then Shizuka headed toward the bridge.

Shidou: "Shizuka-sensei, I do not believe you go with these students, we have many students who will need your care here, you can not go with them!"

Shidou said with lascivious eyes, but hiding beneath his "worried" expression.

Clearly Shidou did not want to let Shizuka leave, and seeing this, Kouta shoots a nail, scaring everyone!

Shidou: "Ko-Ko-Kouta-kun ..."

Kouta: "Shut up! I will not be the same garbage as ever and I'll see the trash as you put a finger on Sensei! Now take your eyes off the sensei, and know that she's going with us! Or do you want to die ?! "

With those words, Shidou froze and looked fearfully at the nail gun in Kouta's hands.


Soon, Ryan and his group left the bus, and went in the direction they should go to meet Rei and Takashi.

???: "Shidou-sensei ... are you okay?"

A worried young woman asked Shidou, who was shaking as she wiped the wound on her face, but then looking at the student, he smiled gently and said.

Shidou: "It's okay, now that the crap is gone, we're purer! Now come on, we have to find a safe place! "


[Master, why did not you kill Shidou bastard? You know it will cause problems in the future! You know that if you kill him, you may receive a Rank B + reward!]

Suddenly as they walked, the system asked curious, and Ryan answered in his mind.

Ryan: Shidou has yet to make his appearance at the home of Saya's parents, and there will be for King's development! Even being a good reward, your I kill you now, I can prevent the growth of the King's mentality, and it's something I do not want!

Listening to Ryan, the system was silent without saying anything, understanding the reasoning.

And soon, they had a pleasant surprise, as they met Takashi and Rei, coming in their directions!


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