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The Supreme King
Author :LichOSupremoDeus
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6 006

The group, now reunited, reached the bridge, which was crowded with people and reporters.

Seeing this, Ryan knew there was no way to go, and the rest as well, as they saw the zombies coming, and that place would become pandemonium soon!

Rei: "Stop where we should go now? We do not have a house near here! "

Rei said worriedly, and then what Ryan hoped for happened.

Shizuka: "There's a friend's house nearby, we can stay the night there, and there's a car too!"

Rei: "Friend? Would not that be your sensei boyfriend? "

Listening to Rei, Shizuka quickly blushed and swung her arms, which made her breasts sway together and she said hastily.

Shizuka: "It's a friend! She did not walk much at home, so I stayed there sometimes and looked after the house while she was away! She's just a friend! "

Seeing Shizuka's reaction, all the girls laughed, while the boys, Ryan even, were focused on the pair of melons swinging.

Takashi / Kouta / Ryan: Holy shit! What melons!

Seeing this, Rei stepped on Takashi's foot, Saya punched Kouta and said "Pervert!" While Ryan ...

Riven's Mind: The master seems to like big boobs, I'll try to take this woman as my master's concubine, maybe he'll like it!

If anyone knew Riven's thoughts, they would be shocked and unsure what to say.

And because Ryan was the only one to get away, Takashi and Kouta looked at him enviously, and Ryan just laughed dryly, and then his eyes went back to Saeko, and then he said.

Ryan: "Let's go to sensei's boyfriend's house!"

Listening to Ryan, Shizuka reddened again and took a few shots on him in anger as they all laughed, and Riven frowned and squeezed his staff tightly, but then felt something touch his shoulder ... it was Saeko who said smiling.

Saeko: "Calm down Riven, there's no need to be angry, it's just a joke!"

Hearing this, Riven calmed down, but still looked coldly at Shizuka, and seeing this, Saeko sighed and wondered who Riven was.

Saeko: A high strength, much bigger than mine, and has very perfect techniques! I'm sorry she can be better than my father! And not only that, she is very beautiful, it looks like anime characters! I wonder where you came from, just like Ryan ...

As she said this in her mind, her eyes stopped at Ryan who was looking at her, and when their eyes met, Ryan smiled and waved to her.

Saeko just looked coldly and nodded.


Soon they arrived in a street with some zombies, who were quickly taken care of by the group, and then they passed by the gate of the house of the friend of Shizuka, and there they saw a Humvee (Car Mílitar).

Seeing this, everyone began to wonder who Shizuka's friend was, because having a Humvee is not something anyone can have.

Soon they cleaned the zombies nearby, closed and locked the front gate, and went inside the house!


The night soon arrived, and everyone was relaxed.

The girls were taking a shower while the boys talked and had fun listening to the voices and groans of the bathroom.

Takashi: "They seem to be having fun ..."

Kouta: "Yeah ... how about seeing if there's any 'danger' to them in the bathroom?"

Ryan: "I agree!"

Takashi: "Are you crazy? I want to die now, no! If you want you can go, but do not get me involved! "

Kouta felt depressed as Ryan just smiled and said nothing.


Inside the bathroom!

Rei: "Our sensei! Your breasts are bigger than I thought! "

Shizuka: "Stop Rei-chan, they're sensitive!"

(Lich: Nazal bleeding *)


Saeko: "Riven, tell me something about Ryan, why is he so cold? Just like you? And why are you following him so loyally and calling him master? "

Hearing Saeko's question, everyone was curious too, for it was not only that they were curious, it was also for the scars all over Riven's body.

And seeing this, Riven said.

Riven: "I will not say anything of the master without your permission! As for me, I come from a family with long, storied stories of warriors! And since I was a little girl, I was trained by my parents to be strong! At 8 years old, my father threw me into an arena to fight a wolf! At age 9, he made me survive in an arid desert for 1 week, without any food or water! I already had to find my way on the high seas and etc! So if I'm not cold, I do not know what I can be after all! "

Hearing this, they were all shocked, and Riven continued.

Riven: "As long as I call him master ... it's because of him being my master! No reason, it just is! And I will never betray you! Never! Even if he asks me to kill himself, I'll do it! "

With that, the bathing mood got a bit tense, and it ended sooner than everyone expected!


Shizuka: "Ryaann-chaaan !!!"

While Ryan was watching the outside, he suddenly felt a pair of hands surrounding him, and as he looked, he saw Shizuka wearing only a towel to cover his body, and those great melons were being squeezed into his back.

Ryan could smell Shizuka's alcohol, and he smiled bitterly.

Ryan: "Sensei, are you drunk?"

Shizuka: "Um ... just a little bit?"

Ryan: Was that a question or an answer?

Ryan wondered that, and then he took Shizuka into the bedroom so that she slept, and on the stairs, there was Rei and Takashi, talking, and Rei was a little drunk too.

Seeing this, Ryan knew it was an opportunity to attack, so he went into the kitchen, and there he found Saeko wearing black panties, as well as a kitchen apron, and she was not wearing a bra.

Saeko: "Ah, hi Ryan, I'm making soup, how are you?"

Ryan smiled and then said.

Ryan: "I'm fine, and you?"

Saeko: "I'm good too!"

Saeko said with a smile on his face and made the soup again.

Ryan looked at Saeko and then asked.

Ryan: "What is necessary to pursue it? I liked you the moment I saw you, talk what is necessary, that I will do everything to fulfill! "

Saeko froze when he heard this, and looked at Ryan in shock, but soon began to laugh and said.

Saeko: "If you want to conquer me, you'll have to surprise me!"

Saeko returned to cooking his soup.

Seeing this, Ryan smiled and then turned and left the kitchen, and as soon as he left, Saeko blushed with embarrassment and did not know what to do.

Saeko: Does he like me? Because? I'm just a warrior, how can someone like him care about me? Does he want my body and beauty? But I've never felt any lust in your eyes ...

Saeko was asking himself that question several times in his mind, and then he remembered that Ryan had been looking at her since they met, and she saw that he was enjoying her beauty, but she never felt any bit of malice or lust in her eyes .

Thinking of those things, Saeko's mind was boiling, but not really, it was just the steam of the very hot soup, which made her dizzy, so she quickly realized that the soup was ready and turned the fire off!

And about 1 hour later ... a dog bark was heard! And Ryan said in his mind.

Ryan: Loli's coming!


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