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The Supreme King
Author :LichOSupremoDeus
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Ryan was on the porch of the house along with Kouta and Takashi.

Kouta had a sniper in hand while Takashi had a semi-automatic and Ryan had a shotgun.

The 3 weapons that were found in the original work, in the safe of the house of the friend of Shizuka.

The three of them were talking, when all of a sudden, they saw a man in his 30s and 40s holding the hand of an 8- to 9-year-old girl.

The two were quick and managed to get past the zombies, and soon arrived at the door of the house in front of where they were.

Father: "Please! Open the door! I have a child! My daughter! Please! You do not have to put me inside, only my daughter will! "

The child's father knocked on the door, and began to attract zombies, and seconds later the door was opened, and the man had a hopeful look, but then a broom handle with a knife tied at the end stabbed toward the child's father , and the person who did it, was a man who just said desperately "I'm sorry!" and soon the door closed!

Girl: "PAPAI !!!"

The girl cried out in sorrow, clutching her bleeding father's clothes, and the man had a gentle smile on his face, and said a few words, then closed his eyes and died!

The girl begged him not to leave her, that she did not want to be alone, but no matter what she did, he would never get up!

Soon some zombies approached, and a small dog barked at the zombies approaching the girl.


Saeko: What are you going to do, Ryan? Are you going to ignore the child or are you going to save it? Surprise me!

Saeko said looking at Ryan with interest, and Ryan frowned, then sighed and said.

Ryan: "Kouta, get in the way! I'll save the girl! Takashi, I'm going to borrow your bike! "

Kouta: "You can leave it!"

Takashi: "... alright ..."

Saya: "No! You want to kill us all! If you shoot, you'll attract more of them, and we will not be able to stay here any longer! "

Suddenly Saya said irritably, not liking the idea, but she just got a cold look from Kouta who was already looking and saying.

Kouta: "It's a Takagi-san little girl! I do not want to see that happen! "

When he finished saying that, Kouta fired, blowing the head of a zombie who was almost approaching the girl, and that shot alerted the girl, waking her and she quickly picked up the dog and ran to the bottom of the house!

The zombies followed, but Kouta shot, exploding their heads with precision!

Motorcycle engine *

With the roar of the motorcycle, Ryan sent Riven and Saeko to open the gate, and soon he left!

Ryan learned before he died, driving motorcycle and car, then he managed to easily divert several zombies, and then when he arrived in front of the house, which was full of zombies, and it was where the girl was, he quickly began to slide with the bike, and then jumped!

The motorcycle continued to slide, taking all the zombies in the back door, and Ryan quickly entered the house, blew the head of a zombie with a crowbar in the house, and quickly closed the door with the latch, and soon the zombies began to thrust their hands through the door railing, wanting to reach Ryan.

Ryan did not look at the door anymore, and quickly kicked a zombie in his leg, making him kneel down, and attacked another with the goat's foot, killing him, and then Ryan grabbed the revolver he'd taken from Takashi and shot him on the kneeling zombie!

With a loud bang, the zombie's brain spread everywhere, and Ryan did not care as he ran toward the girl.

And because of her running into an area without a good view, Kouta could not shoot the zombies chasing after him, making him curse in anger, and just pray Ryan came quickly to the girl.

And when one of the zombies was about to grab the girl, Ryan popped in and smashed the zombie's head from behind, killing him, and then nudged the other, causing him to bang his face in the wall, and then Ryan kicked, zombie head on the wall, killing you!

Ryan looked at the trembling little girl in fear, and the dog barking, and with a smile on his face he said.

Ryan: "Hey, do not be afraid, the big brother here came to save the day! How about we get out of here? "

The little girl looked at Ryan and nodded, but before she looked at her father's corpse, and seeing that, Ryan sighed and said in his mind.

Ryan: That's my second coat today!

As he said this, Ryan took off his coat and covered the girl's father's face, so Ryan told her to climb on his back, and he grabbed the dog, and quickly climbed up the wall and started walking toward his group, who already was preparing things for the way out.

Kouta: "That crazy one!"

Suddenly Kouta said with a significant smile on his face as he watched Ryan walk up the walls where one side was infested with zombies.

Saeko: "I do not know if I call you brave or crazy, but I liked it!"

Saeko said with a smile on his face, which made her receive a cold look from Riven, who quickly looked at Ryan with concern.

Shizuka: "Ara, what's the prey? Can you let me sleep some more? "

Suddenly Shizuka appeared, without any clothes, and when Kouta looked at it, just like Takashi, blood trickled from their noses, and Saya screamed.

Saya: "Wear a sensei outfit!"

Shizuka: "Ah, that's why it's cold!"


On the wall, Ryan walked carefully, and then the girl on his back said.

Girl: "Onii-chan ... I need to pee ..."

Hearing this, Ryan's expression darkened, and he quickly remembered that in the plot, it happened too.

Ryan: "Can not you hold it?"

Girl: "No way!"

Hearing this, Ryan sighed and said.

Ryan: "You can do it, no problem!"

The girl nodded and Ryan sighed as he felt something warm on his back.

Ryan: A future Supreme King, being pissed off by a little girl! If this story spreads in the future, it will be a huge stone in my reputation!

With that in mind, Ryan sighed, and then glanced at the bike away, and thought of something.

Ryan got his revolver and looked at the gas tank of the motorcycle, and then he fired!

And with stunning accuracy! The bullet hit the tank, creating sparks, and then a loud blast ensued, chasing several zombies away, and because of being too tall, drew even more zombies, and those below Ryan were attracted as well.

And seeing the street as far as the group was, being completely clean, Ryan smiled and jumped off the wall and ran toward the house, but soon the gates were opened and a Humvee came out!

Saya: "Do you want a ride?"

Saya said, and smiling Ryan nodded and got into the car.

Saya: "You stink of piss!"

Saya said with an unpleasant expression, making Ryan's expression darken.


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