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The Supreme King
Author :LichOSupremoDeus
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8 008

The Humvee led by Shizuka quickly left the streets and stopped in the middle of a river, and everyone could finally sleep!

Except Ryan and the girl named Maresato Alice, who had to clean themselves and quickly change clothes, so as not to disturb the smelling staff.

And everyone was laughing inwardly, thinking that the cold person had just been pissed off by a child.

But when Ryan removed his shirt in front of everyone, thus showing his tiny abdomen, the girls could not help but swallow their saliva.

Seeing this, Takashi and Kouta sighed depressed.


Next morning!

Ryan woke up, and realized that on his shoulder was Riven with his eyes closed, and a calm expression as he slept.

And with his head on his lap, there was Saeko, also asleep.

Shizuka: "Ara, what a lucky boy!"

Suddenly Shizuka said with a smile on his face, and Ryan just smiled and said nothing, neither woke them up.


Minutes later!

Riven opened his eyes quickly and sat down, and looked around, then looked where he had slept, and noticed a damp spot on Ryan's shoulder, and seeing that, she blushed with shame, and Ryan just smiled.

And because of his abrupt movements, he ended up waking Saeko, who a little sleepy, raised his head and looked shocked and ashamed to Ryan.

And seeing the smile on her face, she suddenly remembered the words from last night in the kitchen, and it made her blush even more.

Seeing this, Shizuka can not help laughing, and Alice seeing Saeko's red face, laughed as well.


Ryan: "Kouta and Takashi, you come with me to the street, and let's see if there are many of them around! And if you have, we'll have to walk over there, so we can climb! "

Listening to Ryan, Kouta and Takashi nodded, and then Takashi with the shotgun, Kouta with the semiautomatic and Ryan with the revolver, went up the slope and came to the streets with the high guard, but there were no zombies around.

Seeing this, they nodded and said that the rest could rise, and then with a loud noise it sounded, and Humvee went up the hill and reached the street!

Saya saw no zombies around and there were no helicopters and planes like yesterday, he said.

Saya: "Do not you find it strange? There are no helicopters and planes like yesterday. Yesterday they were flying all over town like crazy! But what is happening? Not even we're seeing 'them' here! "

Listening to Saya, everyone realized that point, and Ryan said.

Ryan: "Possibly, the important people have already been taken to safe places, or the government will plot something! Never know!"

Listening to Ryan, everyone nodded, and Ryan continued.

Ryan: "As long as the 'them' are possibly more towards the center of the city, since explosions, shots and various noises, must have sounded from there, and as they are attracted by the sound, they must be there!"

When they heard this, they thought there was a great chance of that, that the deeper they went, the more zombies they would find.

Ryan: "Whose house is the nearest? We can get there and see if their families are saved! "

At Ryan's question, Saya raised his hand and said where his house was, and then they drove in that direction!

And the deeper they went, the more zombies were on the road, and the Humvee went over where it had least disturbed the passage.

And about an hour later, there was a problem, the Humvee's tires seemed to have been trapped by something, possibly the triads and bones of the zombies, causing the Humvee to skid through the streets, and then hit a metal fence!

Rei standing on the roof of the Humvee, along with Takashi, was thrown, and hit her back heavily on the floor, and a nearby zombie almost reached her, when Takashi fired her shotgun, but hit his chest, causing the zombie to retreat, but then he continued on.

Seeing this, Ryan sighed and aimed with the revolver and fired, killing the zombie, and Takashi thanked him and ran to Rei to help her.

Ryan: "Saeko and Riven, come with me, let's kill as much as we can so the rest can get over the fence! Kouta! Kill the zombies approaching, but only the next ones, do not care about those far away! "

Kouta: "YES !!!"

Kouta screamed and with a lively smile on his face, he started firing on the zombies, specifically those closest to Rei and Takashi.

Ryan, Riven and Saeko, together, started cleaning up the nearby zombies, but because of the many, they ended up causing great problems for everyone.

Takashi used the semi-automatic that was tied in Rei, positioning it between his breasts and began to shoot as well.

Saya gritted her teeth and grabbed the shotgun, and started firing, and only on the third shot, did she hit!

Soon, Shizuka passed the fence and Kouta passed Alice to her, and seconds later ...

A spurt of water appeared, sending several zombies away from the group away, and this gave way for the group to jump on the Humvee and pass the other way.

Ryan helped Takashi and brought Rei, and soon the group was on the other side.

There was a group of people in fireman clothes, and then one of the people took off his helmet, showing the face of a beautiful mature woman, that as soon as Saya saw this, she was surprised and jumped to hug the woman, shouting.

Saya: "Mama !!!"

Everyone: "Mom ?!"

Everyone was surprised by this!

Saya's mother: "It's good that you're well Saya, and I see that Takashi is with you too, that's good! Now come on, let's go to the base! "

Everyone nodded, and Ryan just said looking at the fence where the zombies were beating and trying to pass.

Ryan: "What about them? You're not going to do anything? There's a great opportunity here! "

In his question, Saya's mother was confused, and then sighing Ryan said.

Ryan: "You can use blades and piercing objects to kill 'them', reducing your number constantly, thus making your base more secure!"

Listening to Ryan, everyone was surprised, and they looked at the fence, and seeing how dumb the zombies were, for they were just banging their bodies on the fence, there being a huge space below and between the fence, even someone fat, could pass!

Saya's mother: "Interesting, a good suggestion ... send some men here and take care of it!"

Hearing the order of Saya's mother, some men with her nodded and went to a nearby car, and waited for Saya's mother and the young men to come up.

Soon, they arrived at Saya's house!


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