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The Supreme King
Author :LichOSupremoDeus
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9 009

When they arrived at Saya's house, they realized that it was bigger than they thought, leaving them all shocked.

It seemed that at Saya's house his parents had set up a survivor's camp, as there were at least 100 people here in tents and inside the house.


Saya's mother: "Do you want to help kill 'them'? Because? You're young, you should stay safe here! "

Saya's mother said when she heard what Ryan said, and Ryan just kept going.

Ryan: "I do not like being around people who treat me like a child, and since no one wants to let me do anything here, I think it's better to help kill them, since I'm strong and I've practiced fighting before, so it will be simple for me clean some of them! "

Hearing this, not just Saya's mother, but all but Riven were surprised.

Riven knew Ryan was doing it to kill zombies and earn points.

The zombies that Riven kills, is the same as Ryan killing zombies, as Riven was called by a Ryan ability, so she's part of him!

And after so many dead zombies, Ryan had already accumulated more than 2,000 points!

With so many points, Ryan could get some potions and equipment.

And Ryan was thinking of buying a sword for Riven and for himself.

At first Saya's mother wanted to refuse, but seeing that Ryan would clearly insist, she agreed with a sigh.

Saeko said that he would come too, and the rest of the group stayed, because Kouta needed to rest, Rei needed to recover, Takashi would accompany Rei, Shizuka would take care of Rei, Alice and Zeke are a child and a dog, there is no cause them!

Seeing that one more wanted to join, Saya's mother sighed and told the group that they would kill the zombies, bring them both.

When some people saw this, they asked why young people were carrying blades and going with the adults, and soon the information that Ryan, Riven and Saeko were sent to kill zombies, began to circulate, creating great repercussions.

They were clearly unhappy with kids going to do such things, and they still thought the zombies had salvation, so knowing they're going to kill what they still think is human, made everyone disgruntled.


Ryan, Riven and Saeko, were together with 10 men, all armed with blades and Saeko still wore his wooden sword.

Soon they arrived where the Humvee was standing, and there they saw that a few dozen zombies had surpassed, and then they began to kill them.

The men wanted to tell Ryan and his group to stand back and watch the adults, but Ryan and his group were quicker, and clashed with the zombies!

Saeko attacked, crushing zombie heads one after the other, and for gaining machetes, Ryan and Riven were more effective at killing the zombies, even more so Riven, who had been trained with all kinds of weapons since childhood, blades.

Seeing these 3 youngsters, the adults were shocked, and wondered if they were humans!

But what they do not know, is that Saeko is the daughter of a very famous martial artist, and it can be said that her fencing was polished during years of training, and that made her one of the most dangerous women in the world!

Ryan had his body remodeled by the system, and that made him have the strength and endurance at the limit of ordinary humans, and with a jerk, Ryan could reach the Elite Level.

Riven was an Asura, she is clearly stronger than humans, since the physical limit of her race is greater than that of humans.

So it can be said that they are far above ordinary humans or with little training like these 10 men.

But soon the men came to him, and they went to help kill the zombies too, and then after cleaning the zombies, they took spears and started to hit the zombie's head behind the fence.

They took care of the floor in case any zombies crawl.

Seeing this, Ryan told Riven and Saeko.

Ryan: "Riven, stay here and keep your eye in that direction, in case 'they' are drawn here, you who are skillful and strong, you can protect these people! And Saeko, do you want to go with me? I will go in that direction, I heard some noises there, there must be some 'of them' or other survivors! "

Listening to Ryan, Riven nodded not daring to refute Ryan's orders, and Saeko hesitated as he looked at the 10 men killing the zombies with spears, and seeing that he could not do much, she nodded.

Ryan: "Ah, before you go, Riven, keep an eye on the fences too, if you can see that they can not hold out for long, take everyone to the base, and we'll meet later!"

Riven nodded and then Ryan looked at Saeko and they headed north!


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