The Supreme King
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The Supreme King
Author :LichOSupremoDeus
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10 010

Saeko: "Why did you want me to come with you instead of Riven?"

Saeko suddenly said as he smashed a zombie's head.

Ryan looked at her and with a smile said.

Ryan: "You like killing right?"

Hearing Ryan's question, Saeko froze, not knowing what to say.

And seeing this, Ryan smiled and said.

Ryan: "Do not worry, it's no big deal like liking, it's good to know. You will not hesitate to kill if someone close to you is in danger, to a 'them' or other humans! And that's why I like you! You are a warrior, you have strong mentality, just as you are mature to girls your age! You have everything a man could want in a woman, only you have too much, too much strength, which makes other men feel scared and inferior near you, but I do not, I'm really in love with you! "

Saeko froze at this, then blushed with embarrassment as his heart pounded.

Seeing this, Ryan smiled and touched his beautiful black hair and said.

Ryan: "Your smell is very good, as expected from the one I decided to take as my wife!"

When Saeko heard this, she was even more embarrassed, and this made Ryan laugh out loud, attracting some zombies, who were quickly taken care of by him.

Ryan: "Well Saeko, you do not have to give me an answer now, let's think about it later! Let's kill as much as we can and then go back, and if we find any survivors, it will be even better! "

Saeko nodded and killed another zombie, and his mind was in complete chaos at this point, but his instincts were active to the fullest, so he had no problem in his combat effectiveness.

Ryan: "And just so you know Saeko, I like that too!"

Ryan said and continued to kill, and seeing this, Saeko smiled.


The two continued to kill, until suddenly they heard the sound of a high engine, and they knew that the 10 men and Riven had left.

And moments later they heard loud cracks, and they knew the fence had fallen!

The two did not care much, for they could go around in a street that had already been cleaned, and was barricaded by the people of Saya's parents.

Ryan and Saeko did not care much about them leaving, and continued to kill and search the houses in the vicinity.

They rested when they felt tired, and re-killed when they regained 50 percent or more of their vigor.

And these actions repeated, caused something inside Ryan's body to crack!

Ryan suddenly felt his strength increase greatly, and he just heard the voice of the system!

[Congratulations master! You've reached Elite Level!]

[You've gained 10 Thousand Points for achievement of progress!]

(Note: The Achievement of Progress means Ryan has progressed to the Elite level sooner than the System expected!)

When Ryan heard this, he felt a sharp pain, which made him moan and kneel on the floor.

Fortunately, they were resting in a house they had cleaned up, and seeing that, Saeko was worried, and soon Ryan's body began to shake, and Saeko thought Ryan had been infected.

But she saw that this was not the case, for he was not shaking, he was just in pain.

Saeko did not know what to do, and then quickly left his wooden sword aside and hugged Ryan tightly and worried!

Saeko and Ryan met better in the last few hours, and Saeko saw that Ryan really liked her, and that he had similar tastes to hers.

Knowing these things about Ryan, made Saeko start liking Ryan more and more, until she fell in love with him.

And seeing him now suffer in pain, made Saeko's heart ache, and she hugged him with all her strength, and felt that the skin that Ryan was getting warmer, but Saeko did not care about the heat.

This lasted for about 10 minutes, when Ryan stopped shaking, his body stopped getting so hot, and what replaced him was his body drenched with sweat.

He slowly opened his eyes, and saw Saeko's handsome, worried face, looking at him.

Ryan saw this, felt heat in his heart, and then he caught Saeko's head in surprise and then brought his lips to hers!

Saeko was shocked but did not fight, and returned Ryan's kiss with a passionate kiss.

The two of them stayed like that for a few minutes when they parted with a little shame.

Ryan smiled and then got up and moved his legs and arms, and the sound of crackling sounded.

Saeko: "What happened? Why did you start convulsing so suddenly, and why do you feel your aura changed? "

Ryan looked at Saeko, and after a few seconds he said.

Ryan: "Saeko my love, there are things you do not know under this world, so let me tell you some of them, which would be the Levels of Strength! In this world, as long as you break the limit of your current abilities, you will move to the next level! And I just broke the limit of my abilities, I've reached the Elite Level, and I'm 2 times stronger than before! As long as you do the same, breaking your limit, you will also get stronger than before, and on the Levels above that, there is no need to speak now, I will tell you when necessary! "

Listening to Ryan, Saeko was shocked not knowing what to say, but then nodded and suddenly thought of her father.

Her father was a very powerful martial artist, and she trained since she was a child, and when she trained with her father, she remembered that he was very fast, much faster than an ordinary human.

Sometimes Saeko thought his father was not even human.

But now, knowing about the Levels of Strength that Ryan said, Saeko began to think that his father could be an Elite or even greater!

Seeing that Saeko was thinking, Ryan did not bother her, and then he went to the kitchen of the house and picked up a bottle of water and took it, his throat was dry, and he was hungry!

Soon he ate several things that were in the refrigerator of the house.

After that, Saeko came to him and also ate, so they decided to keep killing for another hour and to come back before it gets dark.


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