The Supreme King
11 011
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The Supreme King
Author :LichOSupremoDeus
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11 011

Ryan and Saeko came back 2 hours later, and along with them, there was a group of 12 people.

In those hours, they eventually found a house with a family of 12, and after a few words, Ryan brought them to Saya's house.

When they reached the street that had been cleared, and there were only a few zombies, the barricades in the street were opened and a group of men went out and killed the zombies, went to them and took them inside for care and inspection.

Soon Riven, Saya, Takashi, Kouta, Alice and Zeke, came to them, knowing that they had returned.

Takashi: "It is good that you have been saved again! I heard you brought people here, very good! "

I could feel the happiness in Takashi's voice, not just him, but Saya and the others.

Alice came and jumped on Ryan, hugging him, saying he was a hero and so on.

Alice's reactions made the group laugh, and soon Saya's mother came and spoke to Ryan.

Saya's mother: "I'm surprised you guys came back, after I heard you guys split up, I thought I'd have to send a group behind you, but your friend there (Riven) said it was not necessary, so we decided not to go, but seeing you coming back, even more so with survivors, that's a good thing! My husband will like you! "

Ryan smiled and said nothing, and then asked for a room, for him and Saeko to rest.

Saya's mother asked Saya and the rest went to take the two heroes to their rooms to rest.

On the way, Ryan said the things that happened, and before they went to rest, Ryan asked for a meeting with everyone, and then everyone was in the room that Rei and Shizuka were in.

Rei: "Why should you meet in my room? Can not you see I need to recover? "

Said Unhappy Rei, and Ryan just smiled and said.

Ryan: "I want to tell you some information that ordinary people do not know! Saeko already knows, just like Riven, since I told them, Riven already knows and is even part of that secret! "

Ryan: "Can you see, that the world is not as simple as it seems correct? Dead began to move and devour the living, things that only happen in movies, like Resident Evil and others of the type! And what I want to say to you, it's about the Levels of Strength in this world! "

Ryan: "The Force Levels are what sets normal humans apart from the experts! See Riven for example! You realize that she is very strong, and even after killing dozens of them, she did not even sweat right? Just as she is very strong, stronger than ordinary humans, and do you know why? It's in what we call the Elite Level! Currently, you Takashi and the others are Common Levels, common humans without much importance, but since you have a good physique, you are a little above average! The difference of a Common Level for an Elite is that the force will be 2 times stronger, and if you see, Riven is a little special because she is trained in an extreme way, which makes her much stronger than her Level current! I soon reached the Elite Level, you can ask Saeko, she saw it happen! "

By saying this, Saeko nodded and said what happened to Ryan, and how his speed, strength, endurance and etc, increased by 2 times or more!

Knowing this, everyone was surprised and Ryan continued.

Ryan: "For you to go up in the Levels, you have to break the limit of your bodies, just like I did! Saeko and I killed a lot of them, and we ended up getting bored again and again, and because I was already half a step away from the Elite Level, after a couple of hours, I was able to get on without any problems! And if you want to level up, you will have to leave your bodies under immense pressure, but know that it is not everyone who can climb the Levels, at least not normally! "

Ryan: "For those in the Elite Level and above, 70% are warriors like Riven, 20% are Energy users, such as Telecynesia, Pyromancy and etc., can be said the spells of RPG games! 9% are considered special, where you never know what your skills are and what they gained by becoming Elite Level! While the remaining 1% may be less than that, they are the ones that have the 3 different types of power! "

When they heard Ryan, everyone was shocked not knowing what to say, even Saeko.

After a while, Saya began to ask about various things, even more about the magicians.

Ryan: "Magicians, we call them, are more focused on intelligence, and as long as their intelligence and understanding are at certain levels, you can become a magician! And Saya, you are very intelligent and I am sure that if given the correct way to train, you could become a mage, while your element or ability depends on your luck! At the moment I can not teach you magic, so leave it to another time! As long as you become a warrior, it will be up to you to break the limits of your own bodies! "

Listening to Ryan, everyone was silent, and they were still shocked and confused by this information about Strength Levels.

They did not understand how something like this could be hidden.

Ryan: "It's not that it's hidden, it's more that there are few who know, being those who know, people from old families, and please, I will not tell you about my family! And for people who unknowingly broke the limits of their body, they will be ignorant about it, just thinking they are too strong or too smart, some have animal talk skills, some have great affinity to tame animals, and some are very fit to heal people, and often, these people with skills they do not understand, end up being treated like crazy! "

Hearing this, everyone understood more or less the subject, and then Ryan dismissed everyone and went to his room.

And not long after, when it was past ten, Saeko went to his room, and seeing that, Ryan smiled, and Saeko embarrassed, but his eyes burned with desire, and she still remembered the kiss earlier.

Saeko jumped on Ryan and started kissing him.

And not long after, Saeko's moans began to ring in Ryan's room.

Riven, who was in the next room, woke up as he could hear Saeko's groans very well, his senses were very sharp, and after rising to Elite Level with Ryan, his senses improved even more!

Her face turned red as she became angry, cursing Saeko for groaning too loudly.

And it was not just Riven, Alice who was out walking, heard moans in Ryan's room, and then went to Shizuka and asked why she was moaning, and why she was in Ryan's room.

In Alice's question, Shizuka, who was together with Rei and Takashi, could not help but turn red with embarrassment, and Shizuka said the following.

Shizuka: "Ask Ryan and Saeko tomorrow when they wake up, now go to sleep!"

Hearing this, Alice nodded and picked up Zeke and went to sleep on the next bed.

Shizuka looked at Rei and Takashi with an amused smile and said.

Shizuka: "These young people today are very fast! I'm sure the next are you two! "

In Shizuka's words, Rei and Takashi froze and blushed with shame, and Shizuka laughed out loud, causing her melons to shake!


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