The Supreme King
12 012
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The Supreme King
Author :LichOSupremoDeus
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12 012

Next morning!

Ryan woke up, and he smelled good, and as he looked, he saw that lying on his chest was Saeko's head, and his beautiful purple hair.

Ryan smiled remembering the warm night they had last night, which lasted for several hours, and it just stopped, because Saeko got tired.

Soon Saeko opened her eyes, looked up and with a beautiful smile on her face she said.

Saeko: "Good morning!"

Ryan smiled and greeted her as well, then stole a passionate kiss from her.


Minutes later, Ryan and Saeko left the room, and then they met the others in the group, and he saw that Saya was angry at something, for she passed him stamping his foot.

He soon met Takashi, who was sighing, and Saya's mother.

Saya's mother: "Oh, hi lovebirds! Take care the next time you go do this, the walls are not too thick! "

Hearing that, Saeko flushed with embarrassment and buried his head in the back of Ryan, who just smiled and said nothing about their night together, and asked what had happened to Saya.

And Saya was just annoyed by everyone here treating her like children, and her mother being very protective of her. That made Saya dissatisfied, let alone people who think what is happening, is some virus, that as long as they can find the cure, they can save the people who have become zombies.

But in the eyes of Ryan and his group, like a few dozen people, no one believes that this is possible.

As zombies, who were pierced in their hearts, had several parts of their bodies open, such as abdomen, chest, throat and etc., could they come back to life as if nothing had happened? This is impossible!

As they talked, suddenly several cars appeared, and Ryan knew it was Saya's father!


A show started!

Saya's father went to a platform and began a speech, saying that the zombies were no longer human, and even showed what was once his friend, who was bitten by a zombie and became one.

Saya's father then let him out and quickly tried to attack him, but with a katana in hand, Saya's father beheaded the zombie in front of everyone, and his head on the floor still made sounds and bit, and then father of Saya crushed his head with a kick!

Saya's father: "They are no longer human! Not even alive! So there's no point in continuing this futile debate! "

After leaving these words, Saya's father went to meet his wife.

Figure 1: "Wow, what an outrage! Murdering sick people in the midst of so many people! And still say they are not human? They still walk, and are only violent because of a virus, if we give them enough time, scientists can create a vaccine for it, then the world can go back to the way it was before! "

Said a woman, and the people agreed, and then Saya came and said.

Saya: "Do not you think you're being naive? You even saw it! He tried to attack my father as soon as he got out of the cage! And even without a head, he still moved! How can anyone live this way? And even if you take a vaccine, do you think he could stay alive? He would die for sure! "

In Saya's words, the woman who started the discussion fell silent, as did all the others who supported her.

But then the woman remembered a word from Saya and then said.

Figure 1: "Do not talk foolish child! You're the daughter of a murderer! You're just defending your father's name! "

In the woman's words, Saya was furious, and when she would scream with anger, Ryan went to her side and asked her not to say anything, then looking at the woman, he said.

Ryan: "You say that because you were not in front of them, and you did not even see what they are capable of! If 'they' catch you, 'they' will not just bite, 'they' will rip pieces off your flesh! They will dismember you, and then you will become one of them! Now tell me something, if you become one of them, you will have the same tendency, you will die and try to kill the living! Now tell me, even if a vaccine was created, it is impossible to save them, they are already dead! At most, the vaccine will only cause them to actually die, and no longer walk among us, just as it will prevent us in the future from becoming 'them' when we die! "

Listening to Ryan, everyone froze, and the woman was speechless, and Ryan continued.

Ryan: "And you think Saya is defending your father, because she is your daughter, but that is your ignorance for attention, thinking that you are right, not wanting to admit that they are really dead, and that there is no way they be as they were before! And if I'm right, you've lost someone right? Someone very important, and that someone is one of them now, correct? "

When Ryan finished speaking, tears began to fall from the woman's eyes, and she began to cry.

A man came quickly and comforted her, and then Ryan continued.

Ryan: "You just do not want to admit it and you do not want to move on! Learn! The world changed! 'They' can not go back to normal, they can never come back! And we, who are still alive, are the ones who must rebuild this world from scratch, we have to survive, for if we die, those who have become 'in them' will be forgotten, and I'm sure none of you here want it right? So grow and accept reality! This is not a dream or a nightmare, it's reality! Nothing will change reality! "

With that, Ryan turned around and told Saya and the others to leave and leave these people thinking.

These people looked sad and ashamed.

Soon a voice popped into Ryan's mind.

[Congratulations master! You completed a hidden mission!]

[At the end of the mission, you will receive an + increase in your final grade! Congratulations!]

[The mission you completed, was to make silly people wake up! And you completed it perfectly! Congratulations!]

Hearing this, Ryan smiled happily, and Saya looked at Ryan with a thankful and strange look.

Seeing that look, Saeko pursed his lips and said nothing.

Ryan: Hm? What is that noise? Looks like Kouta ... wait! Is not this the time that Kouta is surrounded by the adults so he surrenders his weapons?

When he remembers this, he goes to the source of the commotion, and there he finds Kouta surrounded by adults, and Saya's father is among them!


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