The Supreme King
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The Supreme King
Author :LichOSupremoDeus
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13 013

Saya's father: "Boy! Hand over the guns, there is no reason why a child should continue with them! "

Kouta: "N-n-no! I will not surrender! "

Saya's father: "Why will not you deliver?"

Kouta: "If I surrender them, I will not be anything else! I'll go back to being the trash I used to be, being intimidated by others! That's why I will not give them away! "

Kouta said full of determination, and this irritated Saya's father, and when he would say something, he saw Ryan, Takashi and the others approaching.

Saya's father: "Hey, you, Ryan, right? Tell the member of your group to hand over the guns, there's no point in continuing with this! "

Ryan looked at Kouta with tears in his eyes, then looking into Saya's father's eyes, he said.

Ryan: "No! Kouta will not hand over the weapons! He's better than anyone here to wear them! I do not see anyone better than him to use them! And not to mention that he saved the lives of us all several times, his accuracy is magnificent, just as he is very good at handling weapons! And without talking, the weapons are ours! We find them, then we will not deliver! They are not yours, and I do not trust you with them, so leave Kouta with them! "

Hearing this, Saya's father was furious and when he said something, Saya went to the front and said.

Saya: "For father! These weapons belong to my group! And Kouta not only saved me with them, but all of us! You're not going to take that away from him! "

Kouta: "Ryan ... Saya ..."

Listening to Ryan and Saya speaking on their behalf, Kouta was thrilled, and on the other hand, Saya's father was angry, but looking at Ryan, they sighed and then said looking at Saeko.

Saya's father: "Daughter of Mr. Busujima, follow me, I have something to talk to you, while you, you can continue with your weapons, just do not create problems!"


A few hours later, Saeko came back and she was wearing a katana, called Murata, and just curious, Ryan looked at Murata's information, and found it to be an Uncommon Grade device!

This was a very good thing, and Ryan gave it back to Saeko, and then after a small meeting, and with Shizuka wanting to pass his special ointment on Rei's back, there was not much of a subject besides that "

Takashi: "Ryan, I realized that you are a great leader, are observant, strong and make quick decisions, so I think it would be good, you be our leader! We're all alive so far, for your abilities and for Riven! "

Takashi said, and everyone agreed on that point.

Ryan has always played an active role, volunteering for any dangerous situation, getting into every possible fight, and even saving a little girl amidst a horde of zombies!

In everyone's hearts, Ryan was like a hero, strong and handsome, and there was no one better than him to be the leader!

Ryan: "Guys, it's not true that everyone is alive because of me, everyone here helped! Kouta the maniac by guns, Rei our lance, Saeko and Riven, the warriors, Shizuka our nurse, Takashi our melee fighter and also shooting, and by the end, but not least, the Alice-chan of Zeke ... well, they are Alice-chan and Zeke! "

Listening to the last part, Alice and Zeke made proud expressions, making the group laugh.

And seeing this, Ryan felt pleased with these friends, and not surprisingly, everyone decided that Ryan would be their leader.

They still had to find Rei and Takashi's parents still, even if they're dead, better to be sure, because there's always hope!


At night, Saeko went to Ryan's room, but before entering, Alice stopped her and asked why she was going there, and what were the strange noises last night.

Hearing this, Saeko felt ashamed, and told a lie, saying that he was training with Ryan, and hearing this, Alice also wanted to train, but Saeko said.

Saeko: "Alice, you can not, because you're still very small, only if you're older, you can do this kind of training, now go play with Zeke and sensei, okay?"

Hearing this, Alice was sad, but nodded and took Zeke to the room where Shizuka and Rei were.

And inside the room, Saeko gave Ryan several chunks of anger and shame, and that made him laugh and then took her in a hug and kissed her!

Saeko soon forgot the embarrassment now little and indulged in the warmth of Ryan, and in his pleasure!

(Note: Sex scene! If you do not want to see, do not look! Be warned!

Ryan kissed Saeko passionately, and then with one hand, he carried her into his lap, and Saeko's legs were closed at his waist as she kissed his lips passionately.

Ryan with his free hand locked the bedroom door, and then walked to the bed, one of his hands caressing Saeko's butt, and the other hand pressed to her breasts!

Saeko moaned seductively as he felt Ryan's touch on her breasts and butt.

And when Ryan's hand went through his panties and touched the already wet place, Saeko could not suppress his seductive moans, which were like a beautiful melody in Ryan's ears.

Ryan's friend, trapped in his pants, was already strong and strong for the fight, just waiting for the right time to explore the cave of love!

Saeko felt Ryan's friend touch his ass through the fabric, and she stopped kissing Ryan and with an evil grin on her face, she lowered her hand, and then untied Ryan's belt, and his hand went under her underwear , and then she grabbed something thick and warm, which even her hand could not close with one hand.

Saeko: How did that fit in that place?

Saeko asked as he looked down at Ryan's buddy, who was 30 cm wide, while its thickness required Saeko's two hands to surround him.

This was the cane of the Supreme King! That Ryan was proud to have!

Then Ryan tugged at Saeko's panties, letting his intimate areas show, and then he touched her, making her wetter and wetter.

Saeko groaned more and more seductively, making Ryan's buddy throb more and more, and grew more and more impatient, wanting to clear that tight cave!

Ryan kissed and nibbled at the tips of her breasts, which made her moan louder.

And when Saeko said, "I want him inside me!"

Ryan could not stand it, and then in a single thrust! Everything came!


Saeko let out a loud groan that made several people wake up! Of course, those rooms next door.

Saeko could not think of anything, only Ryan's buddy, who was so big and thick, that made his stomach have a lump in the shape of his cock.

Seeing this, Saeko pressed this bulge, and moaned, for he felt very sensitive when he touched that protuberance.

Ryan smiled and then started the exit and back, again and again, like a piston!

And Saeko's groans only increased in quantity and intensity.

Ryan also moaned with pleasure, because Saeko's vagina was too tight and hot.

Then Ryan sped up, making dirty sounds echo through the room, and Saeko had already lost himself in pleasure and love!

It took half an hour for Ryan to finally enjoy, and by that time, Saeko had enjoyed it 3 times!

Saeko fell helplessly on the bed, and when Ryan asked for more, something happened!


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