The Supreme King
14 014
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The Supreme King
Author :LichOSupremoDeus
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14 014

Saeko suddenly began to convulse intensely!

Seeing this, Ryan was shocked, and thought the next.

Ryan: Damn it! Is Saeko reaching the Elite Level while having sex? What the hell is going on?!

Just thinking about it, made Ryan get even more shocked, but he quickly hugged Saeko tightly, and he felt the heat of his body increase a lot!

But Ryan ignored this, and just looked worried to Saeko, because sometimes, there are risks of failure and cause serious damage to the person's body, and may even cause death!

And ten minutes later, Saeko stopped convulsing and she was breathing heavily, and looked at Ryan and gave a happy smile, but then her eyes closed and she fell asleep!

Saeko was very tired, after half an hour of constant struggle in bed, even more so, Ryan's buddy was not something anyone could take lightly, yet someone who was still yesterday, was a virgin.

If it were some normal woman with no training, clearly Ryan would break the woman!

Luckily, the woman Ryan had sex with was Saeko, who has a stronger body than ordinary humans, and trains since she was little. So there were not many problems, just the initial fear of size and then trying to get used to the pain and then pleasure.

And after that, he still had his breakthrough to reach the Elite Level, and counting along with the little vigor he had left, Saeko could not stay awake even if he wanted to!

Ryan: System, why did she suddenly advance to the Elite Level? Does not make sense!

[Master, this is due to 2 simple facts! Saeko trains since he was a child, so she is already close to the peak that a normal human, still more a female, can reach! And because of your master penis, which is very large, and you being a Supreme King, kind of the constitution of your women will be changed accordingly, and may even receive benefits during sex, like Saeko's now! And of course, it will not only be women who benefit, you also master, but you will need to understand on your own!]


The next morning!

Rei and Takashi decided that it would be better for them to go alone to find their parents, because they did not want to involve the group in this, and for that, they would use the Buggy that Saya made available for them.

But as soon as they were arguing, Rei suddenly shows a furious expression, and picks up the semi-automatic, with a bayonet at its end, and runs towards a man in a suit not too far away.

Man in Suit: "Hm?"

The man gets confused by something, and looking back, sees Rei, pointing a gun at her!

That made the man freeze!

And this man is Shidou Koichi, the teacher who was the cause of the discord between the two groups, being the biggest guilty Rei, but Shidou has his share of the guilt, since he did a lot of shit for Rei too!

Shidou: "R-R-R-Rei ... lower that weapon ... what about ...?"

Shidou said with a terrified look on his face.

The people next door, were also trying to appease the situation, and try to calm Rei.

Rei: "You're to blame for repeating the year! I always had good grades, but you were the teacher in charge of grades, and because my father was investigating yours, you made me repeat for years! I should kill him! "

As he finished saying this, Rei drew his weapon closer, and Shidou began to tremble, and soon Saya's father came and asked what was happening, and he arrived at the time of Rei's explanation.

Saya's father: "I know your father! And I will not allow dirty junk like you and your group, stay here! If you want young, you can kill him! "

Hearing this, Rei was trembling wanting to pull the trigger, but looking at Shidou's horrified face, she became irritated and disgusted when she sighed and said.

Rei: "You're not worth it for me to spend a bullet on you!"

At this, Rei turned, and Shidou felt this humiliation, trembled with anger and a little fear, and seeing this, Saya's father said.

Saya's father: "You and your group are not welcome here! Go away!"

As he said this, he looked at some young men behind Shidou, and he saw that their looks were crazy and looked fanatical and full of lust.

Seeing this, Saya's father knew that these young men were corrupted by this man in front of them, so he decided to expel them, and soon they returned to his bus.

And as they drove out, something happened!


Minutes before!

(In the War Ship Antimisseis, Kongou - Sea of Japan!)

[Positions were confirmed for 4 Delta, Foxtrot 21 M.R.B.M.S which were launched before the direct hit of the Trident Missile directed to the Base of Tong Fa, in Kichirin Province!]

[Even when the world is full of these monsters ...]

[Switching to automatic mode! Starting Missile Defense Long Distance!]

[Starting Attack!]


[Our SSM-3 Destroyed your targets!]

["Kirishima" and "Shiloh" from the US Army, were also hit!]

(I just got this from the manga, because I do not understand any of these things!)


(Returning to Ryan and the rest)

An object flew in the sky, and suddenly it exploded in a loud crash in the sky!

Suddenly! All the electronics were burned and did not work anymore!

The bus fared, lost its direction, and continued forward until it hit a machine that was moving the barricades to the passage of the bus, and then a loud crash sounded from his crash!

All: "…"

A deadly silence took over the atmosphere, which was soon broken by the groans and growls of the Zombies, who were coming toward the base like a tide!

Seeing this, they all despaired, and began to run to the house!

Ryan looked at it, and then told Saya's father!

Ryan: "Close the gates! Do not care about those out there, there is no way to save them, there will be many of them coming here! Fast!"

Listening to Ryan, Saya's father came to him, and then pressed the button on the control in his hands, which was for the metal gate, but nothing happened.

Seeing this, Ryan shouted.

Ryan: "Shut the gates! And about the people outside! Do not mind! Otherwise we will all die! "

At his shout, people near the gates pushed them and soon closed it, and the zombies came and began to knock and push the gate.

Everyone knew this would not last long.

Ryan: "Quick! Take those iron bars and put them in front of the gates! To hold on for a little longer! Put them on the side too! "

Listening to Ryan, Saya's father saw that it was a good idea, and soon metal bars were set to gain some time for everyone!

Seeing this, Ryan went to Saya and the others and asked.

Ryan: "Does anyone know what the hell was that thing that blew up?"

Saya: "That explosion was a P.E.M (Electromagnetic Pulse), which makes any electronic stop working!"

Listening to Saya, everyone froze and wondered where that came from, and of course, Ryan knew where, but he would not tell.

Takashi: "Is there any way to solve this problem?"

Takashi asked worriedly, and Saya said.

Saya: "If we change the burned parts of the electronics, they will work again!"

In his words, Saya's father nearby, said to the mechanic on the side, to arrange the Buggy.

And people started using the strategy that Ryan had taught before, and they used improvised spears, and attacked the heads of the zombies, killing them, thus earning more time for everyone!

Soon, the Buggy had been arranged, and the gates could not handle and fell from the large number of zombies!

Soon a war began!

=== [Note] ===

I want to inform you of the following, in the original work, before MEP explodes, Marikawa Shizuka is able to contact her friend, Minami Rika, who is from the S.A.T Regional Police Unit, Chief of the First Squadron!

And that happens, but I did not find time to put it, and it can be said that I forgot, as well as other small things, but I do not think it will be something too bad for the story!

So know that Marikawa Shizuka contacted her friend before P. E.M explodes, I just did not say in the middle of the story, but I'm saying now!


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