The Supreme King
15 015
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The Supreme King
Author :LichOSupremoDeus
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15 015

The war started!

Saya's parents had weapons in their hands, and they fired on the hundreds of incoming zombies.

There were other people with guns, and they were annihilating the zombies coming in, but a few were many, and managed to pass through the barrage of gunfire.

The zombies arrived in the barracks, and began to attack the survivors, and soon the deaths have already reached 10!

The woman who had been in discussion with Ryan and Saya yesterday was terrified of being surrounded by 2 zombies, and when she thought it was her end, Ryan came up with a machete, cutting off the heads of the two zombies!

Ryan: "Get up and go with the others! Take this knife and if you see someone infected, kill him, we do not want people to die for idiocy! Understood?!"

Listening to Ryan, the woman nodded and ran to the group.

Ryan then attacked, cutting off a zombie's head, and Saeko, after reaching the Elite Level, had an immense increase in his killing ability, and she was able to kill 3 to 4 zombies at a time with an attack, his new katana, no zombies were his opponent, and it's not as if they were before!

Rei, Takashi, Kouta, Saya and etc, were with guns firing at the approaching zombies.

Saya had already acquired a gun from her mother, as did her mother and father, told her to go along with Ryan and the rest.

Saya did not want to, she wanted her parents to come together, but they refused, saying they need to stay.

In the end, Saya cried and then the Buggy was ready!

Ryan: "Takashi! Drive! Me and Saeko will be killing the zombies ahead! "

Ryan shouted, and then everyone got into the Buggy, and Takashi called him and started driving toward another exit, which does not have many zombies.

Saya looked towards her house, and saw the flood of zombies, and the tears kept falling from her eyes, and then Shizuka seeing this, she hugged and comforted her.

Rei: "Where are we going now?"

Rei asked, looking at Ryan, and Ryan said.

Ryan: "Let's go to the river, and from there, let's try to find Rei and Takashi's house!"

In their words, everyone agreed, and then Takashi drove to a stop before the river, and as they looked into the streets, they saw that there were many zombies!

Seeing this, Ryan looked at Takashi and the others and said.

Ryan: "There are too many of them, so what I want to do is this! I'll lure them all while you hide behind that hooded bus! And as long as you do not make too much noise, there will be no problems! "

Listening to Ryan, Saeko said.

Saeko: "I'll go with you!"

In his words, Riven also said he would!

Seeing this, Ryan nodded and said.

Ryan: "Riven, you're the strongest of us all, Saeko and I will be enough, you can protect the rest of the group, leave it to me and Saeko!"

Hearing this, Riven was a little sad, but nodded and obeyed his orders.

Ryan then nodded and everyone got out of the Buggy while he and Saeko drove and lured the zombies!

Saeko was in the bonnet of the Buggy, and killed the zombies ahead!

The loud noise of the Buggy caught the attention of all the nearby zombies, and they ran towards it!

Ryan then shouted at Saeko to hold on, and then they went down the ravine until they were on the bank of the river, and looking back, saw the zombies falling off the ravine.

And when the zombies had accumulated enough, Ryan drove into the water, down to a small, island-like mass.

The two then stayed there for a while, and when they saw it was time, they drove out of the river, and soon they came to a park!

Seeing this, Ryan remembered what Takashi had done in the original work, so he asked for a tape, and then he put the Buggy into the fountain, and tied his steering wheel, and the Buggy kept circling.

Seeing this, Saeko said.

Saeko: "A good move, will attract many of them, now we better go!"

Listening to Saeko, Ryan nodded and then the two jumped out of the Buggy, and started killing the zombies on their way, and on the way, they found zombie children, and Saeko hesitated!

Seeing this, Ryan quickly came to his aid, killing the zombie kids and took his hand as they ran!

Saeko blushed with embarrassment and had a sullen look on his face.

Soon they arrived at a temple, where they found a temporary shelter there.

There was no zombie inside so they could relax and rest.

Ryan: "Back then, did you hesitate to kill them, is it because of being zombies?"

Saeko: "Four years ago ... while I was walking down a street at night, I was attacked by a man ..."

Saeko: "I was with my wooden sword, so of course I did not. I broke his shoulder blade and his Femur as well. ""

Saeko: "Due to the circumstances, the police sent me to prison! And the reason I was arrested, I liked ..."

Saeko: "Making him suffer made me feel so good! After realizing that I had the overwhelming advantage with my sword, his frightened movements seemed to invite me ... I attacked without hesitation! "

Saeko: "I liked that. Was funny."

Saeko: "... That's the real me, that's how Busujima Saeko really is, I just have to figure out if you'll be able to ignore it, I go crazy when I'm at the advantage and pretend to have the heart and soul of a little girl. "

Saeko: "I already showed signs of being like 'them' too. But you got that way 'after' .... I was already that way before '!'

Saeko: "I realized when I was in front of the fountain that I did not change anything! I would say ... I'm getting much worse!"

Ryan heard Saeko's story, and looked into his eyes a little crazed, and then he walked over to her, touched her beautiful hair and rested his hand on her face and said.

Ryan: "I do not care if you like killing before or after 'them' come up, it does not matter! What matters is that you are with me here and now! Even if the whole world is against you, I'll stand by your side! Because I love you Saeko! And you know, I already killed someone before this happened, and I can tell you ... I liked ... "

When he finished speaking, Ryan kissed Saeko, then sighed and said they'd better go, so they could meet the group.

Saeko nodded a little embarrassed, but in her heart, she was more in love with Ryan.

The two left the temple, and outside they saw many zombies, surprising them, but then Ryan looked at the leaves of the trees, which were moving in the wind, and made a noise.

That was probably what had attracted them!

Ryan then looked at Saeko, who smiled and nodded, took off his katana, and then they both ran and started a massacre!


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