Warped Reality
41 STELLA: Epilogue 2
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Warped Reality
Author :cLasP15
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41 STELLA: Epilogue 2

I moaned at the feel of Ivano's mouth around my nipples. But I maintained my eyes closed and just enjoyed my husband's sweet, loving ministrations towards my body. I smiled at the memory of where I went in my dreams this time.

That day Katherine attacked me in the solarium, Ivano and Kevin attempted reviving me. However, I suddenly disappeared in front of their eyes. That's the time they realized that I was still time travelling. It's been the longest travel I did so far all because I was actually in a coma.

After I woke up in the hospital, we discovered that the severe concussion I took in my head altered my brain activity. Thus, giving me the bizarre ability to travel back in time. It's weird and so not a science thing that's why we kept it a secret.

Nicky was so shocked that I suddenly declared being in love with Ivano right after I woke up. He insisted to take me in his home despite Nicky's rage that I was only being sold. To pacify her shock state, I only told my friend that we've been secretly dating before that's why we made a child together.

Ivano gave up the three story manor to Kevin and the warlock enjoyed living a solidary life with his potions and spells. While Ivano bought us a new four story home in the suburb. The first two stories were my clinic because I took after my stepfather as a medical person. So I'm now practicing my profession as a general physician.

The bizarre misfortunes Katherine posed on me before were now gone but I still found myself sleeping within working hours to travel. Ivano may have regained his mortal life but I didn't stop being a time traveler. Unless I'd have another accident and hit my head again, I'd always sleep my travels away.

But I reassure Ivano that I wouldn't make a mess in the history because I didn't want to change what happened between us before and at the present. I'm happy and contented with it. But what he didn't know was my extreme adventure when it came to being horny and fucking his vampire brains out. I secretly craved the wild, hot and unadulterated fucks with the undead Ivano.

"Where were you this time?" Ivano asked after releasing my nipple to draw me closer into his bare chest.

"I fucked the vampire Ivano. And I kind of left him hanging." I grinned up at him while my hand reached up to his hair.

"Again?" Ivano chuckled as he nuzzled my neck. "Poor vampire."

"But I can make it up to the human one." I said and reached down to grip his already hard dick.

"Careful, sweetheart. I don't want to hurt the baby." He said with a frown as he slowly eased inside my sopping pussy. "You're so wet!"

"I came twice while fucking a vampire." I said.

Ivano growled and clutched me tighter against his chest as he spoon-fucked me from behind. After being ravished and fucked by a wild Ivano, it's good to be loved and pampered with the human one with all his soft, slow thrusts. The mortal Ivano was more of care and love where the other one was more of savageness and hard possessive pounding.

I knew he's jealous whenever I told him I had a tryst with the vampire Ivano. I just didn't understand why he felt like in a competition when it was just all him, after all. And whenever I mentioned the vampire to him, hed forget being tender and careful and his natural wild side would be unleashed. And I secretly enjoyed it. It was silly and laughable. Ivano was crazy. Yeah, crazy in love with me just as much as I was to him.



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